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the mauri name for new zealand, which i couldn't spell even if i wanted to means "land of the long white cloud".. which i thought that was kind of interesting, so i decided to drop that here..  its fairly early in the morning here and i'm about to head up to the bay of islands (have a few minutes before the bus pickup).  for some odd reason the computer here is off by a day but what are you going to do (besides tick the day up).  yesterday's wine tasting was a big success.  at least i think it was.  i had called about setting up and doing the tour and it turns out that i was the only person that for the day.  normally that would mean that it wouldn't happen, but i think the guide was probably a bit on the bored side and well, making even a little money is better than not.  anyway, walked away with my bags being a bit heavier (3 bottles) and my wallet being a bit lighter.. its okay though, i figured i'd give two of them to brenda and eric (who don't read this journal, so it won't be spoiled) as a gift for them allowing me to stay at their place for a few days, do laundry, that sort of thing.  all in all it was a nice day out.  really, for me, it was just an excuse to get out of the city.  while i like auckland and all, it really is just a city and i have seen cities basically everywhere.  while i'm here in nz, i'm a little bit more about seeing the country and well, doing stupid things.  although, not bungee jumping style stupid.  not exactly sure what today is going to hold.. which works fine for me.. should be interesting in any regard. 

anywho, i should probably check out... 

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photo by: Fulla