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Well, I'm sorry for the lack of an update and really, you have have to deal with a few goof ups as I am quite on the tipsy side.  I have to say the beligum beers are quite on the strong side and I have had a few of them.. anyway.  Yesterday I found myself in Paris and I met up with Joy, which was a joy, of course.  I haven't seen her in so long and it was amazing to catch up.  The 9 hour bus ride + ferry ride actually went rather quickly as I had met a bunch of interesting people to hang out with.  the problem with these kinds of itineraries is that you really have to make quick friends, cause people you like are gone tomorrow.  As it was, everyone that I liked on the trip to Paris were gone by the time  I made my trip today to bruges, beligum.  Anyway, back to the story at hand..

After  a small fauxpaus concerning doing a night tour around the city, Joy and I got ourselves a bottle of wine, a few stinky cheeses and a baget and enjoyed a quiet picnic opposite the effiel tower.  I can't tell you really what the defintion of perfect would be, but I am sure it would be close to a good bottle of wine, some stinky cheese, baget and good company in view of the effiel tower and.. and nice long walk along the seine catching up about all things going on the life.  I am quite blessed I must say, although my dogs are seriously barking.

We walked the length of the seine from the effiel tower past notre dame (2hours at least) and well.. enjoyed the entire time, although I found the weather a bit more humid than I'd like.  To be frank though, I have little to compleain about, the weather has been nothing short of amazing the past few days.  Funny, its hard to imagine that it is only saturday, it feels like I have been away for months.

In any light, it's good to see joy doing well, even if her journal belies a bit of uncertainity about the future, I am sure that she'll be fine and if worse comes to worse, well, I am sure we'll definitely meet again along the trip. 

Hmmm. Paris?  Far better than anyting I've ever read, far better than pictures I have seen.  It's really hard to describe. It was amazing and I really didn't do anything at all. I mean, I wandered along the seine and past a thousand years of scenery.. in the company of a good friend.. that is the defintion of perfect, no?  Well, I suppose had I entered the louve or the other museums which escape me by name since I'm not compelete there .. anyway, it was a good day with a good friend.. now the rest of the trip, for the next bit is on the solo.. we'll see how it goes.

I'll write about Bruges when I get a chance.
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photo by: Sweetski