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well, since kapadocia doesn't seem to exist in travbuddy, nor it's english equivalent (cappadocia), i'll write this as if I were in dalyan and worry about the locations later.  so things are going alright here, i'm tired and a bit sick.  i've had this sinus infection that has been rather persistant over the past week or so, starting out as some sort of nasal thing and then quickly progressing into something much more.. now back to something small.  we'll see if i get rid of it entirely over the next few days or if I have to test out that travel insurance that i bought.   jury is still out on that one.  last night was the overnight bus and it was about as uncomfortable as i was anticipating..maybe even more so since everyone that has been sitting as couples wanted to have single seats and whatnot.  being the tallest person in the group (as far as I am aware, there are only 4 guys on this tour), i found myself contorting into all kinds of positions that were probably not the most healthy ways of attempting to find comfort using only 2 seats on a mini-bus.  such is life..

yesterday, following the normal turkish weather report was hot.  really really hot.  A friend on the tour broke out her portable thermometer and it was 48 degrees in the sun and that was at 11am.  48C is 118.4F.  Hot enough for me to want to shoot myself .. which is probably why its a good thing that I didn't bring a gun on this trip.  But it really isn't all that bad if you sit right next to the shore and go in every half hour and are able to relax like that.  Having a sinus infection and spending 8 hours on an overnight bus in really hot weather, is about as bad as it gets.

In any light, I amstill havinga good time, its just that turkey has not really overwhelmed me in any regard.  Thinking about it in hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to involve going to turkey after having spent 3 weeks in greece.   Do one, do the other, but doing both, probably a bit of overkill.   Sort of like doing rome and then spending weeks looking at roman sites in croatia or turkey.. unnecessary unless you're doing a history course in antiquities.  Oh well, live and learn.  Couldbe that because I am hot and not 100 percent, I'm just giving myself an excuse to be not jumping for joy thrilled to be here instead of just taking the situation at its face value.  I knew that going through this area at this time was going to be like walking across hot coals, I just didn't perpare myself mentally for it.  Shame it was the only time that it fit.   In any light, it'll be the last of the serious bitching that I do on the subject, although I am sure it won't be the last time that I complain about the weather.

Hmm. what else? My second pair of shorts ripped a giant hole in the bottom of them.  It isn't stopping me from wearing them since its not noticeable unless you pull them off and look straight down.  I was suspect about the quality of clothes and sunglasses while here (my sunglasses went awol in scotland I think) but the ones that I bought in the good ole US of A have been less than durable.  I'll have to go shopping sometime in the very near future, which sort of scares me a bit since a. I'm not much for haggling and b. I haven't a clue what my size is in european measurements (most of what I have seen are not in sizes I'd understand). 

Tonight i'm going to go see the whirling dervishes and then tomorrow is going to be a very long day.  I will do a hot air balloon ride over cappadocia followed by touring around (3+ hour day hike.. yikes) and then wandering through an underground city (not for the claustrophobic), see a rug making demonstration where I can sit and be sold to.. then an evening of traditional food and dancing. 

Oh, this morning (technically speaking) I did a turkish bath.  Being that I was dehydrated from the night before, it made the experience semi-surreal.  I got very light headed in the bathing area and felt like I was going to pass out.  Then the massage and exfoliating... which was just what the dr. ordered after such a confined and not so fun night in the bus.  Might have to figure out what time we leave on friday so that I might be able to do an early morning repeat of the experience.

Cheers, Bill
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photo by: ZoeCaitlin