happy thanksgiving.

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Today's thanksgiving, at least it would be if I were there or if everyone back home was here.. no real thanksgiving in australia.  No thanksgiving turkey or stuffing, no cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie.  It doesn't even feel like fall, heck it hardly feels cold.  Something is certainly rotten in the state of denmark.  Or australia as the case may be, although perhaps there is some denmark here as the tazmanian princess is back home with her danish prince husband and its in the news, along with ian thrope retiring and some non-sense cricket match between england and the aussies (pronounced AWWW-Zeees).  The ashes, seriously?  Could you have a more insignificant trophy for a sporting contest?  At least their beer commercials for the event are amusing.  I have to agree with my kiwi friends, its hard to root for the home squad here since they're such poor losers (and even worse winners).  In any regard, not a big deal, .. I'll silently root for the all blacks to kick the crap out of them tomorrow in rugby.  Things are slow here in Oz though.. been just chilling and not doing a whole heck of a lot.  I have seen some amazing things though, the least of which were wild koala bears south of melbourne.  I have a few pics .. unfortunately not for public consumption (just like my pictures of kangroos shagging.. but thats an entirely different matter).  Anyway, having a good time here.. just went to see the orchestra at the opera house .. and well, its definitely a world class venue and the view is just beyond compare.  Not sure if it is really a man made wonder of the world (they're attempting to come up with a new 7 wonders of the world and the opera house here is in the running) but its worthy of a visit if you come down.  Climbed the harbour bridge (which is quite nice.. even if you get tremendous headaches when the winds are swirling at over 80 kilometers an hour), wandered around the many various neighborhoods.. just nice.. although the walk back to the hotel that I have is not the best .. but needs to be done.  Okay.. have to run, this place is closing..

Save some stuffing for me.. or well, better yet, make some for the time when I am back in the house.  (my mom makes the world's best stuffing.. no bullshit).  Thanks for all your support, hard to do something like this or anything .. really without such wonderful friends and family.. my best to every one of you.

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photo by: Sunflower300