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"you're sort of stuck where you are.  in your dreams you can by expensive cars and live on mars and have it your way.  and you hate your boss at your job.  in your dreams you can blow his head off.  in your dreams show no mercy." -- The Flaming Lips, Bad Days.

ha ha, funny how strange things get into the head sometime.  its a line from batman .. err. i dunno, the one with val kilmer just after the riddler kills his boss..

so i am going to have a bit of post mortem on the whole Syria disaster.  a few things.  yes, I knew that there was support for hezbollah in Syria and yes, I knew that the government supported them.  but what I did not know was just how in your face it all was.  i didn't know that my tour would be staying at a hotel that openly advertised their support for the group, go to a place for lunch that did it, drive to a site with a poster of them in the back, etc.  while i may bag on my government, i have no appetite to give any sort of support to a group that is responsible for the killing US soldiers nor innocent civilians.  i had been asked to just ignore it and while that really sounds like a good idea in theory, in practice, i could not abide by it and had to leave.  i do not in the slightest regret my decision, esp. since the only reason why i was heading to the middle east was to go see petra, which is easily seen by renting the last indiana jones film.  it certainly isn't the same as being there in person but then again, i don't actually have to be there in person.  earlier i made a crack about islamic culture, which i have to say was made under duress.  there are certainly good things about the culture and the people in the middle east, their hospitality is second to none, but unfortunately, their devils shout down their angels far more frequently than i would like.  in general, the middle east will still be there .. and with any luck, i'll still be around and there is always going to be an opportunity to see it at some other time (not during the summer since that is a mistake of incredible proportions).

i will re-evaluate where i want to go from here in the next few days.  i am leaning towards scandinavia or croatia, both places that i was hoping to squeeze in but didn't make the first cut.  i cannot in words describe to you the enormous .. i dunno, relief, it is to be in a place where it is actually kind of chilly out.  its in the 60s here in munich and i could not be happier.  no more 100F weather.. its like dying and going to heaven, only without the whole death part. 

in any regard, think i am going to get myself a stein.  i deserve it.
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photo by: AleksandraEa