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well, for all those that were thinking about what to get me for christmas.. worry no more, i have the perfect gift, it would be gift certificates to a camera shop (or just money so i could replace the one that i've "lost").  i will have to check my travel insurance policy to see what they can do about a stolen camera (i left it in an internet cafe and remembered i had done it 10 hours later, not exactly the best thing to do) but assuming that it won't pay for it, then i definitely will have to fork out for a new one.  probably the same camera (since i have 3.5 gigs worth of memory cards).  anyway, lost my pictures from australia and thailand plus some pictures from new zealand. 

gig cards rock until you lose one, then they suck.

otherwise, i'm doing well.. i'm massively hung over right now.  not so good as far as my belly is concerned.. and i have a 14 hour train ride ahead of me.. yea, not exactly looking forward to that.  oh well.  such is life.  its been a good trip, far more relaxed than i was expecting.. and its been interesting since we have a dirty old american on the tour with us.. but i suppose thats what you get in thailand.. well besides friendly people and some fairly good quality stuff on the cheap.

okay.. going to prepare myself for the pain.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes