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So, I'm stuck in Dalyan for the next two days.  There are some ancient ruins around here, but for what I have been told, they haven't really been excavated and what has been brought up is not nearly as impressive as stuff we've seen in other parts of the trip already.  Hardly breeds confidence for doing a whole lot of anything.  Beyond that, the town is expensive.. so it's probably going to be a lot of laying by the pool side and reading or something like that.

Weather report for turkey in august.  Hot, followed by continued hot, with a slight chance of only mildly not hot. 

Yesterday found us all on a falluca, which is sort of like a yaht but only not nearly as posh, with shared accomodations and the like.  I have to say it was quite nice, except for the edict that we couldn't bring our own alcohol or water.  The alcohol thing didn't bother me all that much, the water thing I completely ignored since there is no way I'm going to pay double for water in 100+ degree weather.  I figured that the worst thing that could happen is that I got a talking to or something.  Then I'd just play dumb or something.  In any regard, it wasn't an issue, I had a few drinks on the boat, did some swimming, hung out with the group, played some cards, did some Soduku.  Fairly laid back.  I'm enjoying the trip so far, but honestly speaking, doing turkey and the middle east in august/september is not very bright.  But that's when it fit. 

On a finances front, not that this is all that exciting, but I am fine for the rest of the trip, unless I do something completely crazy or whatnot, then I'll just eat as much bread as I can with breakfast and hope it sustains me ;).  Which would be a lot of hoping, but honestly, everything is good..

Oh, on the downside, the neckless that i had, simple, nz jade, lost while swimming.  I had that for two years and now I feel semi-naked.  I keep grabbing where it should be hanging sort of like rubbing my face whenever I make the mistake of shaving off my goatee.  Oh well.  In any travel adventure there is going to be some fatalities.

vessa says:
Hi, have you been to Iztuzu beach? Or the fresh water lakes? Both are great for snorkling and are inexpensive and a great way to cool down (in was 45 degrees when we were out there!)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2006
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