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the musical introdlude... back in buffalo for the 4th of july weekend.  been having a fantastic time, as I always do when i am hanging out with my family.  its also nice to not really have to live out of my suitcase for a few days, esp. considering the hostel i last stayed at in london reeked of an awful putridness that is difficult to decribe.  it's the rank smell one gets when they place a highly fragrent and powerful cleaning detergent ontop of someone having barfed all over the floor infront of your room and the only shower/toilet on the floor.  anyway, today is the nation's birthday and in honor of that, i will leave you with a little something by bad religion.  i was thinking about it last night, as i watching the fireworks being blown off by the neighbors (who have a better show than the town, i swear) that the country is a good one, unfortunately, it has been hijacked by a bunch of insane assholes who use patriotism in the worst kind of cynical way...

ps, i have been told that people don't like my political entries as much as my other entries.. and i respect that.  doesn't mean that i won't have them from time to time but i'll try to keep these things to a minimum.

American Jesus, Bad Religion.

I don't need to be a global citizen,
'Cause I'm blessed by nationality,
I'm a member of a growing populace,
We enforce our popularity
There are things that seem to pull us under and
There are things that drag us down,
But there's a power and a vital presence
That's lurking all around

We've got the American Jesus
See him on the interstate,
We've got the American Jesus
He helped build the president's estate

I feel sorry for the earth's population
'Cause so few live in the U.S.A,
At least the foreigners can copy our morality,
They can visit but they cannot stay,
Only precious few can garner our prosperity,
It makes us walk with renewed confidence,
We've got a place to go when we die
And the architect resides right here

We've got the American Jesus
Bolstering national faith
We've got the American Jesus
Overwhelming millions every day

He's the farmers' barren fields, (In God)
He's the force the army wields, (We trust)
He's the expression on the faces of the starving millions, (Because he's one of us)
The power of the man. (Break down)
He's the fuel that drives the Klan, (Cave in)
He's the motive and the conscience of the murderer (He can redeem your sin)
He's the preacher on TV, (Strong heart)
He's the false sincerity, (Clear mind)
He's the form letter that's written by the big computer, (And infinitely kind)
He's the nuclear bombs, (You lose)
He's the kids with no moms (We win)
And I'm fearful that he's inside ME (He is our champion)

We've got the American Jesus
See him on the interstate
We've got the American Jesus
Exercising his authority
We've got the American Jesus
Bolstering National faith
We've got the American Jesus
Overwhelming millions every day

One nation under God(x10)

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