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What are we going to do tonight, brain?

The same thing we do every night, pinky.  Try to take over the world.

-- Anamanics, Pinky and the Brain

Its the last night in town again.  Its been productive and not so productive, as these things are wanton to go.  There's a list of things to do, to get set up before I head off.  The check list to be gone over before countdown, before take off.  And I'm procrastinating... all good reasons though, its not like I can leave it till tomorrow.  No real point in being out in rush hour traffic.  I've been jet lagged to hell, asleep at normal hours, up at 4, 5.. unable to return to sleep.  Going west was supposed to be easier.. and last night, well, was the first semi-normal night of sleep I've had in few days.  Not the best thing, really, to follow a night where I didn't sleep at all.  But that's hostels for you, you get what you pay for and sometimes a lot more.  Sleep dep does awful things to a person or so I have been told.. I've been propping myself up with caffiene and the only real bad thing I've found is that I'm a bit more testy.  Not that this really has all that much to do with anything in a travel blog...

But in the words of some wise woman.. its my blog and I'll report about whatever I want to. 

Not too long ago, seems like ages in some regard, I found myself messing with flights in the london, heathrow airport.  As the poorly informed agent spent a good hour messing with my details, calling over other agents and just in general making herself not all that useful, I had the opportunity to listen to the guy next to me attempt to set up a round the world itinerary at the desk, for four people.  You ever have those moments where you have to stop yourself from intervening?  That a. you know you weren't supposed to be listening in and b. no matter what good you think you could do, its really not any of your business.  Not your business, even if you know that you could have come over and supposing you could get them to listen to you, save them a boat load of money.  Not only that, but frankly speaking, its just insanity to try to get that kind of thing done, on a whim, at the ticket desk.  I was doing a "simple" task, something like that.. that can take hours, even if you know exactly what flights you want.  Anyway.. just something I was thinking about.  I can't say that I haven't flirted with the idea of doing travel as an occupation but have often ruled it out since I figured that as soon as I had to do it as something that wasn't a fun thing to do, I'd end up hating it.  One of those "bomb the village to save the village" kind of things.

Peter reminded me today about an entry that I had more than half written awhile ago when I was in turkey (Peter, is a person I met on the Syria part of my previous tour and I have to say that even though I didn't know him very long, we got on pretty well I think).  Anywho, the last day I was there I had fairly bad diarrhea, the prevailing theory as for root cause was unsealed waterbottles.  I had been diligent, religious, about getting water bottles for drinking but I wasn't so when checking the seals on the bottles.  Its come to my attention that if a street vendor can get away with it, they have no problems reusing a bottle of water (reselling, etc).  So today's lesson is check the seals or prepare yourself for the pain.

Before I get into it though, the TSA just relaxed their ascenine liquid rules.  Good timing jerk weeds.  I was denied buying several bottles of french wine (they have some good stuff in the munich airport for cheap) that I was going to give to my friend Norg who allowed me to graciously occupy his homestead for a few days because of them and their irrationality.  Not only were the rules stupid but doubly so in the face that if I had flown Lufthansa instead of United, I could have bought the wine and carried it onboard.  No, just the US carriers had to follow these guidelines.  So, either those dirty socialists in europe don't care about their populace or there must be an election coming up soon.  Obviously, I blame the socialists.

Anyway.. entry about my bowels...


Dear diary,

Despite what people say, diarrhea is not fun.  In fact, in my shortlist of fun things to do or have done, it doesn't even register in the top 3000.  Far lower than say, finding money in your pocket, although higher than a sharp stick in the eye, which, obviously, didn't crack the top 3000 list either.  No, finding the contents of your stomach at the bottom of the porceline basin can hardly compare to the joy of an additional twenty spot, the glee of that fragrent fiver, the smile accompanied an extra nickel of cold hard cash.  No joy to be found in these treasures, no matter how many times you return to the well.  And in my case, that was quite a few.  I have however contemplated putting drugs which stop such occurances on the list but ran into the moral quandry that the top 3000 list would then comprise, almost in its entirety, items that relieve massive anguish.  I'd have to put on the list not being burnt alive or beaten with wooden spoons or being forced to listen to boy band albums.  For a happy list, I thought that would be focusing too much on the negative or hopefully, the simple joys of being alive in our space and time and not say being perpetually stoned to death or living in a place where the average temperature during the summer is over 100F.  But I live in this space and time, so they didn't make the list but are definitely in my new list of things that I don't want done or are happy about because they stop things that are being done.  Things like food, because it ends hunger, water, thirst and cable television because it ends boredom or the incredible burden of filling that time with something productive. 


Sorry never did finish that.. but I think you get the idea.  Who knows, maybe I'll start talking to my muse again.  we've not been on good speaking terms as of late.  I suppose you have to do something on a 12 hour flight.. oh well, suppose I should get to work now.

Be safe.

Oh, do yourself a favor and watch this:

I've got it stuck in my head now.. too damn catchy.  "And the ancor person on tv goes "la dee dah dee dah"".


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