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and we know it.. or something.  so i've been in thailand for the past few days and i love it.  i mean, chaing mai isn't the beach but then again, well, it isn't the beach.  next time i'm coming here, i'm doing some serious beach time but otherwise, i'm having a blast.  the people are friendly, the place is.. well, dirty, crowded, polluted, busy, crazy, .. and i like it. 

i'm having a suit made for me.  i probably overpaid by a lot but to be frank, i'm happy with the price and it should be very.. very nice.  which is a good thing because well, you don't normally bring suits with you on holiday so when you're in a situation where you might require one, right after your holiday, well, its nice to be able to have one.  wow, that sentence really sucks.  this is what happens when you wander around, find the perfect gift for someone and .. well, just have a good time without eating any food.  i'm writing you having survived today on a cereal bar and a packet of mentos.  yea.. healthy big time.  but tonight i will eat well, i swear.  been eating my veggies and everything.  serious.  i had an amazing pad thai last night (go figure its amazing here) and for my trouble i paid all of like $2 for it.  very not bad.  anyway, the prices around here aren't shockingly small but they're definitely a lot cheaper than what i'd get back home (esp. for items that are less than legal but i would never, ever, do something like that.. *hides his stuff*).  anyway, just giving you an update since there hasn't been one on here for over a week. 

hmm. ifyou want something (and i know who you are.. or even if i don't know who you are.. but i think you're cool...) let me know.  i may have some time later in the week.. anyway, cheers.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes