its the end of the trip as we know it.

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Well, trip's over.  Show's over.. time to pack things up and head back home.. a few stops of course, along the way, so technically it really isn't over over..   But I suppose you can say that about everything in your life until well, you're not living.  And then its only part of the story.  Over the next few weeks, months, etc, I'll get a chance to write everything down and take stock of this trip and the things I've done and seen over the past seven months.  But until then, I will leave you with a small bit of cheesy wisdom that I had cleverly made up before leaving for the airport and leaving a new bunch of friends I had made...

Life isn't about the happy endings, its about ending happy.

It makes a lot more sense when if you know about thai massages and that the more seedy places offer the "happy ending" if you're so inclined.  And well, dirty seventy year old american on my tour was very much inclined.  And well, he had absolutely no compunction about telling us about it, until we basically told him that we didn't really care to hear of it.  Not that the guy was a bad person or anything, just that what you do in your own space and time and money, well, shouldn't be casual dinner conversation, esp. of that nature.  Anyway a minor quibble for a really good week and a half.  I'd highly recommend thailand for a vacation, although frankly speaking, leave yourself at least a few days in Karabi to do some beach time.  I didn't and I'm feeling a bit lesser for it.  I suppose that just means that I'll have to return. 

From here on in, its all business family and food.. until the next go around. 

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photo by: Deats