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well, i made it.  it was a rather long and uncomfortable ride down here (sleeping on one's tailbone, not exactly the best postition to be in) but i shant quibble over small stuff, not when i have so much else to quibble over.  well, not really.  i'm here.. its cold and wet, which is different than i had anticipated but i can deal.  brought a sweater and all.  haven't been out of the hostel just yet as I am still .. well, in the planning stages on this one.  frankly speaking, i would probably be a bit uneasy about the whole bit were i to just show up without much by way of plans, but since i've been here before, i'm kind of taking the "no worries" kiwi approach to travel.  things will work out.. and well, so far they have, although meeting up with brenda and eric (met them on my tour of greece) is going to be logistically interesting.  but i'll figure it out.  if not now, then probably along the bay, at a nice seafood place, gobbling down some delicious concoction, drinking down a fine quality wine.   yea, life certainly can be hard.. but hopefully it's this hard more often than not.  unfortunately for me and you, i only have a few minutes left on the internet.. and i should honestly grab a few tid bits of information about where I might be going and staying before heading off...

cheers everyone.

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photo by: Fulla