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more of the main sq
Taken from my physical journal..

Bruges, been interesting.  How many places on earth do you meet people who know where Seattle is based on the musical stylings of Sir Mix A'Lot.  As Conan O'Brien once remarked, "if our show can't be entertaining, at least it can teach americans geography".   This, of course, being during his trip to finland where the president of the country met with him to thank him for his interest and for .. of course, teaching americans about where the tiny country is in the world.  First, things first, europe is God's smoking section.  Everyone here smokes and well, it sucks.  Esp, if you have a tabacco allergy, which I have.  Its even worse when it's raining out and so the place is packed and whatever is being sent into the air by the barman and his friends is accompanied  by whomever comes in to get out of the rain.
rubble (doing streets by hand has to suck)

As anyone who knows me will attest, I am anything but an early riser.  Being up before 8am is almost an affront against the almighty.  But, these past 4 days I have been up before 7 am (well, before 7 am in some cases).  This morning is no different than the others.  Since the separate shower room was closed (more on that later), I wandered the   town before everything opened up.  Very quiet, except of me and my company, Adam, a canadian from up the road in ole Toronto.  The main square was delightfully devoid of people and I took advantage of that fact for a few photos.  Adam is a departure from the normal fare of people that I have run into so far who seem only capable of talking about the next stop or things to do at the current stop.
just wanderin' around
  Understandable, really, it's kind of the focus, but finding a music nut on the trip certainly is a bonus.  Odd still is finding another music nut from Brazil on the bus as well.. odd and well, good.  Strange to be having a conversation about how emo Simple Plan has become ... then again, I just let them talk about it since well, I'm not much of a fan of Simple Plan..

Hmm. not sure what else to say?   I didn't check ou the clock that supposedly has Christ's blood on it.  I didn't see Michelangelo's "Madonna and Child" (or something of that nature), heck, I didn't  even  take the 366 steps to the top of the bell tower where they used to  hold the famous, although slightly controversial, cat tossing contest.  I wondered, grimly, whether or not they gave 'em the ole "heave ho" with the arms underneath them or took them by the tail and tossed 'em discus style.  I'd have to imagine that you'd get mokre distance that way.  Sort of like the difference between doing the shot put and the hammer throw. 

Before you get upset, I did get to the chocolate museum, which was .. well, very chocolatly.  In general, I enjoyed wandering around the town.  It was very laid back.. and well, who doesn't like belgium waffles, begligan beer and belgian chocolate.. I could have done without ... of course, the fries with mayonais.. bleh. 

And the hostel.. well, that was quite the adventure. Someone the night before had completely missed the toilet.. and I don't mean by a little.  I mean, like, massive pool of foul liquid on the floor in the corner of the bathroom.  It was so bad that I had to go at a distance.  And the showers.. well, let's just say that I now know what it is like to shower in a prison.  The showers were controlled by a chain that opened up a valve that let in the water from a head place directly underneath you.  No changing for hot, no changing for cold.. just pull down, spray, let up, scrub on the soap, repeat.  Certainly an experience... let me tell you.
mellemel8 says:
did you try the mussels?
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007
chivato says:
very much so..actually wanderingthrough the chocolate museum,they tell you why (stupid space bar on this machine is killing me... ) but honestly, I think it's because it lacks the keebler elves who do pretty bad things to the chocolate if you're unable to keep them away from what you're making.. if i remeber correctly there was some saint that drove the keebler elves out of belgium. .. or something.
Posted on: May 10, 2006
Eric says:
So is the chocolate there noticeably better?
Posted on: May 09, 2006
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more of the main sq
more of the main sq
rubble (doing streets by hand has …
rubble (doing streets by hand has…
just wanderin around
just wanderin' around
photo by: Chokk