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So after many attempts at posting something to this journal, I am thinking that it might be best to take a lot of this offline than to scribble something down online and then not have it post because either the internet terminal i am using does not allow javascript (used in travbuddy´s location validation) or its so freaking old that the javascript does not work.. etc etc.  For the time being though, I am in vienna, austria and I am writing this from the lounge at the airport and all seems to be well.. (if it is not well, then you will be spared the vulgarities and obscenities should this not post).

The past week was splitting time between munich and its surrounds and slovenia, ljubljana and bled.  The weather was not cooperative.  Were I competely out of my mind and that is debatable when doing a trip like this, I would have sworn that I had been transported into late september rather than being the beginning/middle of august.  Rain, cold, rain some more, some sunny patch here and there, then rain again.  Even given all that, I did get out to Andects again, although its not nearly as nice when there are low lying clouds and its raining, same with Fussen and the castles there and Sunday, the first day in munich was basically a wash since the flight out of dublin was so incredibly early.  Although I did make it down to the Hofbräuhaus for a Maß a beer (gotta love german keyboards, although having the y and z in transposed can drive you insane) and enjoy a bit of faux german touristy flavor. 

Of note, a german joke, who a friend of mine is quick to remind me that a "german joke is no laughing matter" (mark twain):  why are italians so short?  because when they are little, they are told that they will have to work when they grow up.

That made me laugh, pretty damn hard.  That and the fact that the guy got so animated when talking about italian soccer playing that he lost the ability to speak english completely and just went on for a few sentences in german (I was able to gleen that he was saying that the italians played shit soccer).  Not sure if soccer is one of those taboo subjects your not supposed to broach while drinking, although I figure that I will test that theory at some point in the future .. drink copious amounts and then see what australians have to say about the penalty kick in the last seven seconds of regulation given to italy that allowed them to go on did to them.  Should be interesting indeed.

Slovenia was very nice, much the same weather wise though.  Long train ride meant that the first night was the angel´s share with some quick food at a local tex-mex place (which wasn´t all that great) and a nice sleep.. the place I got, hostel wise was damn nice and fairly reasonable.  Checked the ole bank balance to find that I had overdrafted.. whoops.  Guess checking the exchange rate would have made things a bit easier on that front.. but oh well, I transferred some funds into the bank and that should carry me for awhile, although not having it deposited on friday means that the weekend in istanbul will be lean.  I plan on eating well here at the lounge, dining heavy on biscuts and other bits.  Mmmm. mmmm.  After that, bled, which was fantastic.  Really quite nice, although a bit on the touristy side.  But that is what you kind of expect with the country opening up and that being kind of the signature piece.  Rain rain rain, kind of made running around the city an unattractive prospect, although it was done later last night, after having seen the pirates of the carribean at the local cineplex.  Nice to get out and do things that normal people would do .. and well, movies there were cheap, far cheaper than what you would see stateside.   

Next istanbul. 

Further information about the whole going through the middle east thing:  I will be making this a game-time decision.  I will see what is going on, on the ground and then make my decision then.  Essentially speaking, I have an extremely flexible flight plan (changes can be made last minute for a "nominal" change fee) and if I find myself even remotely uncomfortable, I will not be heading forward through that part of the world.  That having been said, I will probably see about making it back to catch up with them post-middle east in Egypt.  If that does not happen, I won´t lose any sleep at night, the middle east has been there through worse than this and I am sure it will be there long enough for me to find a pocket of relative calm to see the worthwhile bits.  But at this point, well, no point in not at least enjoying what there is to see in Turkey. 

Oh, about the whole bomb plot thing.. certainly big news over here.  Strangely similar to a foiled bomb plot under the clinton admin in 1995 (or so the people who keep track of things tell me) and yet people were still able to bring liquids onto planes after that.  The fact that airports in AZ and other places (like PA) are either giving conficated liquids (potential bombs) to the homeless or selling them on ebay leads me to believe that nobody believes for a second that what is being taken from people is actually harmful (i.e. what is being done is a bunch of horsepucky).  In any light, I suppose if helps people sleep at night that the mother next to them has to drink some of the milk she gives to her child on the plane in the line to have her shoes scanned, then mission accomplished.   I just wish people in the government would actually do something that helped solved the problem vs. say making it worse.

Eric says:
Hi Bill, sorry to hear that some of the internet terminals weren't working with TravBuddy. What % of the computers would you say don't have JavaScript enabled during your travels so far? I didn't run into any problems during my time in Eastern Europe, but if it's a big enough problem we might need to add some non-javascript fall-back.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2006
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