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So i've been here for .. jeebus, almost 4 days and i really haven't done anything that i could put down as productive.  i've figured out what i am going to be doing for the first week or so in australia, i've "watched" the us congressional elections (i even wrote a letter to the editor here in NZ since i think they understated the significance of what happened on tuesday..).  did you realize that not one democrat lost their job on tuesday?  not one.  no one in the house, no one in the senate, not one governor.  do you also realize that has never happened for either party in the history of the united states?  yea, a stinging rebuke of that current administration and it's policies.  although it does look like Reichart in WA-08 is going to survive.  Alas.  Can't always get what we want.

So what else?  Hmm. done a bit of shopping, a lot of sleeping and I'm feeling almost 100% well again.  That is, without a doubt, a good thing.  I also finished "the alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and I have to say that while I'm not very much into fables out the glory of god or anything it is by far the best travel book that I have read.  In fact, its on a very short list of the best books I've read, period.  Although, I do suppose that it has a special relevance since its about a person who quits his job to follow his dream.  Anyway, its a keeper, although I am not sure where the heck I am going to store it in my stuff come tomorrow when I fly out of here.  Perhaps I will just stuff it in my underwear and hope that when I get strip searched for having a square bottom that it won't reflect too poorly on me.

Oh, and while I will be one of the first to tell you that visitor visas are absolutely stupid, I wll tell you that the wya that australia does it makes the most sense.  They still get to charge you a rediculous "visit fee" but they do it instantly, online.  No going to some stupid embassy (or worse still sending your passport somewhere..).  All done by computer, pay your $20 and bang, done.  Of course, I'd rather just be able to show up and not have to worry about such a thing.  I mean, jeebus, you're flying to Australia and its basically far away from, well, everything.. Its not like you're heading to canada from buffalo.  I mean, you're not just going to cross the border, by your cheap alcohol (not that it is cheap anymore.. stupid exchange rate) and go back.  I mean, if you're heading to Australia, you're there to stay.  You're there to spend a few dollars.  Taking $20 off the top for no other purpose than to do so because you can. Well, that just strikes me as ruthlessly capitalistic.  If only I could figure out how to charge people for nothing (start an international phone card company .. jeebus, those guys make a killing).

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