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So the airport is the most confusing thing ever.. its like being in one of those movies where everyone is trying to get through the one gate that will allow you to exit <insert third world country here> after some horrible disaster.  The drive from the bus station to here via taxi was one of the most harrowing experiences of my waking life.  Try to imagine a 3 lane highway, with, well, no lane lines and even if they did, nobody would pay any attention at all to them.  People weaving in and out, people following way to close, passing with mere inches between the cars, horns blazing, all the time.  Its the wild wild west.. oh and no seat belt in the back of the car.  There were a few moments I thought that I might not actually make it here, esp. when the driver attempted to pull into the left, non-existent lane to avoid a slow moving truck, in the middle non-existent lane and nearly side swiped a car that was obviously going at least 150kph.  Anyway, when it was over I tipped the driver an extra 50 syrian pounds because I was grateful to allah that I had made it here in one piece.

A side note: I thought that aleppo was the diriest place I've ever been, but no, the route i took to get here was really something special.  you could smell it before you got there and if you didn't know exactly where you were, you'd swear you were in afghanistan.   It looked like a bomb had gone off somewhere and the garbage, everywhere.. well, I can't put into words just how happy I am to be leaving.   I hope.  I still have to change my ticket and this place is set up ass backwards.  Off to do that now.
Rashidtheone says:
hahaha omg man what happen with u there , u know what to do best , stay at home dont go anyway anywhere again , u dont know how to travel and be fun . syria so nice place I am new here but i like it I saw all city in 1 year 2006~2007 all nice and cheap and was great time there the wether good and sea city nice 2 dont cry about 50 syrian pound its only = 1$ :))))
Posted on: Sep 20, 2007
julietml says:
eeekkkk, i didnt know damascus was that bad. i was considering visiting there. was it dangerous besides the driving part?
Posted on: Aug 31, 2006
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