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So, I got up early.. wandered down from the hostel into the main area of the city, around the hauptburg, maria theresaplaz, the opera house, the rathaus (townhall), wandered around the ring that takes one around the major sites, through a few parks, took pictures of random statues and whatnot, etc.  I had dinner plans with Johanna and figured that wandering everywhere would be a good way of spending the time before heading out for that.  And it was, although I finished a few hours early.  While Vienna is a very big, comospolitan city, well, I tend not to focus so much on everything as I did the first time around, beyond that the weather that we encountered in Prague seems to have followed us around to Vienna (skipped Cesky for whatever bizarre reason).

Anyway, I do tend to fixate though at times and today was no different.  On top of the hauptburg, which was the winter residence of the Hapsburgs who ran the Austrian empire for like 600 years there were two curious statues.  On the one side, you had atlas holding up a golden planet and behind him was a bunch of scientific instraments, which wasn't all that curious.  But on the other side of the entrance, there was the same statue, scientific elements and all except that atlas was a woman.  I really didn't know what to make of it, was there supposed to be some sort of progressive element to it, was it new, was it old.. I mean, many things changed and well, with Maria Theresa (the most famous emperess of austria  from the 1700s). 

Update:  anyway.. I was going to say before the internet cut out on me when I was in munich, that well, Maria Theresa is a famous emperess and if my memory serves the only one of the hapsburg empire.

Anyway, continuing on, I was able to meet up with Johanna.  I met her on a bus going from Salzburg to Munich .. god almost 5 years ago and now she is married and well, quite well adjusted I think for being married and all.  Not that I think that people who are married have some sort of mental deficiency.. they're just not all there.  Just kidding.  Actually it was really nice to catch up with her.  Something about being someplace with a local, even if all you are really doing it sitting around, shooting the breeze in an ourdoor cafe.  Which, by the way, is a very typical thing to do in Vienna.  Then I had a Weiner schnitzel, which is ... well very Vienna and wandered around looking at the pretty buildings .. which I am going to assume is very Vienna.. until we parted company.  The bad thing about meeting up with friends on a school night.  I decided to take it easy and just wander slowly home, not too slowly as the weather had decided that it had been too sunny for most of the day and decided to be more ominous as the evening rolled on..
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photo by: hellenica