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"That night in toronto, with its checkerboard floors, riding on horseback and keeping order restored.  To the men they couldn't hang, got to the mic and sang and their voices rang with that aryan twang." -- the Tragically  Hip, Bobcaygeon

The bus came later in the morning than I had originally anticipated which meant that I really didn't have to dump all of my crowns last night.  Probably wouldn't have stopped me from doing so anyway, but I didn't have to do it.  Anyway, as per my Cesky ritual, I slept in, enjoyed a nice hot shower while people were off piecing a meal together or buying the all too expensive breakfast provided by the hostel.  I figure if I am going to get a granola bar in a bowl, I might as well eat a granola bar for half the price.  I've been pretty watchful of my expenses (although not too anal about it) which I think is good since there are going to be some fairly expensive things that I am going to want to do and I don't want to feel too guilty about doing them.

The ride over to Vienna was uneventful except for the worlds most expensive truck stop and being forced to exit the bus for a half an hour while we adhered to the letter of the law as far as bussing rules go.  Nothing wrong with it being cold unless you decide that the weather isn't going to intimdate you and wear shorts and a t-shirt anyway.  Then, well, you sit in the cold, hope it doesn't rain and enjoy the almost 4 euro can of pringles you bought with the only money you had on you cause it didn't even have an ATM.  Bah.

Oh and a note.. yes, the Grisham book is called "the Firm", don't ask me why I called it the net, cause I do know what I read.. I think for some bizarre reason I had conflated it with that horrible sandra bullock movie ... you'd be surprised what kind of odd associations the brain will make when you actually just let it wander off on it's own.  Sort of like putting all the really bad books and movies into a pot and stirring it around a bit.. makes for a pop cultural garbage dish or jumbilajah (man my spelling stinks.. oh well). 

We got in late, they took their time checking us in (over an hour) which was .. quite unsatisfactory.   Sure the place is new, but I figure if it provides you with revenue, well, at least that part of the operation should work fairly smoothly.  Other reviews.. hmm. the location is fairly good, if not a bit of a walk from the city center, the internet stinks, but the shower is amazing.  You'd be surprised what kind of things do brighten one's day and a real shower head is definitely one of those things.  Heck, the first thing I did was take a gratutiously long shower because it was there and I could adjust the head knobby, because it was like being in a shower at home, only my last apartment's shower left a lot to be desired. 

Hmm. rest of the evening was pretty uneventful.  I hunted around for a phone to call Johanna (a friend of mine that lives here) and well, couldn't get a hold of her.  Oh and austrian telecom.. very expensive.  A few minute phone call to someone on a cell phone will run you a euro or better.. so beware all yee who wish to make phone calls, could be in for a bit of a shock.  I grabbed myself a meal, sent emails, finished the Grisham book, which as I said before was fairly okay.  Went to sleep pretty early. 

And yes, I am in vienna for only a few nights so sort of "wasting" an evening is well, wasting an evening.  I have been here before and in some regard, I had a very good time the first time around so I was approaching this stop with some apprehension.   Apprehension because it was a much different time and place in my life and well, some dogs are just better left sleeping than in some other state.  In any light, I figured I'd be running around a lot the next two days so why not kick back a bit and just enjoy not being in a rush.. I am sure there is something deep in the noodle going on to justify reading a book instead of say attempting to trip the light fantastic in vienna but really, there is little justification necessary for just wanting to relax.  So I won't.
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photo by: hellenica