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"Time has come for me to be someone, a rich man, a superstar.  And faith is all you need to become one, far from my own ground" -- The Supermen Lovers, Starlight

So, with a few moments of sleep under my belt I headed into Stuttgart with the firm plans of finding the hostel and going to bed at the earliest moment... although not at some hour that was completely rediculous.  So from the drop off point, I wandered down to the only tourist information point in the city by the main train station (15 minutes with my pack on) and then after getting directions, climbed the one of the hills overlooking the city (15 minutes up at least 200 steps with my pack on) to get to the hostel.  Good thing there were a few places to take a break, grab some water, lest they would have found my stinking dead corpse somewhere half way up..

Anyway, after I got checked in, took a much needed shower, etc. I decided that it would be a good idea to grab some food, maybe check the ole email and grab something for the morning, since I had a 5:50 am train to frankfurt so I could catch my plane to athens.  The good thing about doing the stairs of doom was that well, I had started from the main train station so I knew exactly what the route would be to get back there in the morning when nothing was open and I had only the dim streetlights to navigate by.. down the hill, through the park to the train station.   Stuttgart is a very nice city, probably the cleanest place I have been to so far so the idea of wandering through a large city park at 5 am only mildly concerned me since they seem to be the favorite hang out for bums and junkies.. but I digress.

I grabbed McDonalds, which is where I will get into the benefits of a McDonalds meal.  Now bear with me, I have actually thought this through.  McDonalds is a backpackers .. well, I dunno, but it is good.  Good for a few reasons, although in the long run, not really good, cause, well, McDonalds is actually quite bad.  Anyway, I have eaten more McDs in the past three weeks than I have at any one point in my entire existence.  And it is good for a number of reasons, the least of which is that it is cheap and easy.  Some things are cheap and some things are easy, but McDs is both cheap and easy, which is good.. well, at least for food.  You know what to expect, I mean it may be crap, but you're expecting that and last but not least it has calories and a lot of them.  Which is good if you're burning them like mad and your diet is normally composed of several granola bars and a few stale pringles and a healthy meal for dinner!   Sort of like the slim fast diet, only, its not as fast and probably equally as healthy.  Good thing I brought vitamins, otherwise I would have died half way up the stairs of scurvy instead of say just regular old exhaustion.

After I put down my almost edible 9 piece mcnuggets (mc nuggets are great because they're plain, nobody can screw up mc nuggets and who doesn't need a healthy amount of ground up feet and beeks?), I went to the local cybercafe to write down essential details about tomorrow's flights, tour, etc.  At that point, I almost gave myself a heart attack because the computer for whatever reason had its date set for tomorrow.  So I seriously, for a moment, thought that I was going to have to book a flight to athens that night and how woudl I do it... and .. and .. and.. then I realized that it was infact saturday and not sunday and that I could go back to the hostel and not die... although i had to scale the steps of doom again.. and when i got there, decided it was too early for bed, so i went back to goof off on the internet and yadda yadda.

Got to bed early and still had trouble sleeping.. don't you just hate that?  I mean, I took a sleepign pill and everything.  I was just too concerned that I would oversleep my alarm, I wouldn't make the flight or I'd make the flight and not be able to meet up with the group in time and I would be lost in athens for 3 weeks.. etc etc.  Its funny how the mind can wander if you don't feed it television to shut it up. 
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photo by: lapostol77