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This was one long travel day.  We started out heading to Nestor's palace, which is the mycinean palace of .. well, Nestor who was considered by people of that day to be the most wise and fair of his day.  As such, the palace as it has been excavated, did not have outer defensive walls.  Nestor, it has been written by homer, was the go-between between Aggamenon and Achilles during the Trojan war.  It is the best preseved Mycenian ruin .. which doesn't say much as there isn't much to see per say, but what is there, the foundations of which, can give you a good idea of what must have been there before it was destroyed by fire.  What was discovered there, ancient linear b tablets, also was something of significance as it proved for the first time that the people who inhabited the region spoke a form of greek.  As I was thinking about it, and I know that it would probably be fairly infesible, but if someone could have built a lifesized model (it didn't have to be elaborate) it would have been much easier to envision the two story palace with it's thrown room, queen's bath, areas of record keeping, etc.

We followed this up with a visit to ancient olypmia, which was like going on history overload.  The museum there .. well, just fantastic with what they have been able to find and wasn't stolen by the french during their excations of the place or stolen from earlier occupations.  The entire sanctuary was ruined by an earth quake but had fallen into disuse after the christians in their infinite wisdom had cancelled all pagan festivals (like the olympics) which served its purpose of bringing all the greek city states into competition .. it was a religious festival in honor of zeus and helped to serve as a place where waring states could solve their issues diplomitcally as there was a halting to all violience when the games were being held.  The site is incredible, esp. considering that it was buried under silt after flooding of the rivers there after it was levelled by the earth quakes, fallen into disrepair because of the christians, etc.. The place has been left, almost as it was after the earthquake, although some of the pillars have been restored to give you an idea of how big the structures were.. I swear, I could have spent days there, easilly, just wandering around the ruins and just imaginating how it must have been during those times.  But, I got 3 hours.. which is better than zero but certainly not as good as a few days.

After that, back on the bus to head to a sea port to take the ferry over to kefallinias island and then a 40 minute taxi ride to the port city of Sami.  As we waited for the ferry and dined on some of the bakery good that we got in one our stops (or in Olympia) we were treated to annoying canadian's take on the whole titanic thing and that she's be below decks having fun while the upper crust were above not.. or something.  In any light, she made some stupid comment about how the water must have been cold, which took almost all of my effort not to say, "cold, you don't say?  really.. they did get hit by a fraking iceberg!".  Although I am sure it would have involved some manner of vulgarity and be a fair bit more crude.

This is where I know you're going to tell me that I am concentrating far too much on loud annoying stupid canadian, and I will say, yes, you are right.  I am quite enjoying myself if it isn't appearant already and  I have actually lightened up a bit with regard to lsac woman but it is difficult I must say to be in a confined space with this person when she starts getting going without actually saying something that would, probably, shut her up.  I figure, if I am able to get through the trip without .. well, being me in this respect, I figure I will have knocked a few years off my time in pergatory.   Also, well, she does make for a bit of interesting story telling besides dropping down a lot of places and dates and whatnot.  If you think I should fixate on something else.. just let me know.

Anyway, we got into Sami really late.. somewhere around 10pm, which was fine.  Ihad gotten a lot of quality alone time since nobody was really brave enough to sit out at the front of the boat with me.  I can't say that I have done a lot of ferry crossings to the penninsula, but I have done enough that I can endure a bit of wind esp. if that affords me enough peace and quiet to listen to my music and attempt a soduku puzzle or two.
berm6161 says:
Don't worry Bill. I know how you feel about the Canadians. Remember I worked retail. Also it could be an Irish thing. Anywhay, sounds like you are having a great time. I can't wait to see you when youcome home!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2006
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