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This entry ought to be fairly short, I fear.  Up against the clock and all that, and I left my notes back in my room.  Alas.  So it was a free day mostly, although we travelled from Kefalonia to Ithaca.  The morning was our's to do with whatever we wanted, so I slept in.. did some puzzles, wandered around Sami, which is .. small.  I looked in a few shops but didn't buy anything since I have a few more weeks to go before heading back and I am not too keen on carrying a bunch of stuff with me, etc etc.  Picked up the ferry to Bathia, the capital of ithaca, then a boat (kaike, i believe) from there to Kioni.. I think.. ha ha. this would all be so much easier with the notes but I don't have them, as previously said, so we're just going to wing it.  It was all going so well until that house landed on my sister.

Hard to make travel days sound interesting, honestly.  Time spent in busses, taxis, boats, on foot, etc.  I mean, I get a lot out of it generally because I find a strange sort of comfort in being in motion.  I mean, some people have motion sickness or can't read on a train or sleep on a bus, but I don't typically have those issues.  Although, I can't really can't count on the sleep thing so I bring some sleeping aids and whatnot, but otherwise, there is something sort of peaceful in watching the water going by the edges of the boat, or the blur of trees that are going by the window side. 

Ithaca is small.  Really small.  The whole place has a grand total of something like 3,000 people.  And the port we pulled into is something like the 3rd largest on the island.  Fairly close, supposedly, to where Ulysses had his castle, although nobody is really sure if Ulysses actually existed, but if Homer is to believed it is where he had his palace.  I'm not sure how great a sea-faring man Ulysses was since it took him over 10 years to get home from Troy (and looking at the map of his mythical voyage in Stavros, getting ahead of myself) he did definitely take the long, long, long, way home. 

Anyway, I had my first Ouzo, which .. is, well, like drinking liquid licquourish (sp), if say, that was candy was something like 70 proof.. and wasn't as tasty .. etc.  Its not something I'd casually order up in the bar if I were so inclined, but when in rome.. or greece as it were, ... Hmm. nt much time.. okay, been doing a fair amount of greek food.. everything comes with fries for some bizarre reason... and the house wines are very similar to what I had in italy.  The better quality whites are much more dry than what you would get in vienna, where they like wine that is very young and very fruity.. not sure what that says about a culture.. but I'll speculate later, I am sure.

More to come later.

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photo by: Torwart