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"The things you own, end up owning you" -- Tyler Durdan, Fight Club

After my late night last night, I thought that I would take it easy but unfortuantely, in my wisdom, I had booked two nights in one hostel and the third in the hostel that was the pick up point.  Not only that, but someone in my hostel thought it'd be a good idea to get up at 5:30 am and shuffle around until 6:30, soon to be followed by someone leaving at 7:30 and .. well, after that, I just decided to doze a bit and then start the slow wake up process.  I meandered down to the other hostel and met up with Adam who was kind enough to store my bag since, well, you have to check out by 10 but you can't check in until 2..

We walked down the river vlata from the hostel, accross the bridge, threw the old jewish town, up to the castle, vaguely following the route of the tour.. well, minus the castle.  Talking about all matters politics and music, sports.. it's good to run into canadians, esp. ones that live in (or around) Toronto. 

Edit: had the guy at the internet cafe actually delete my entire entry before posting because it was his opinion that that resetting every machine in the place would somehow magically make the dns server problem he was having disappear.  Unfortuntely, he didn't bother to ask me or tell me what he was doing.  I will attempt a recreation from this terminal.. which isn't ideal either.

The day was fairly typical for the day after a good walking tour.  I went through most of it with Adam and attempted to trace my steps but that proved very difficult after like the first bridge.  While I have an astonishing memory for the banal and trivial, I have found that that memory does not extend to crazy walking tours with interesting guide who didn't bother to show us anything on a map so what we could retrace the steps later.  I ran into several things that I recognized, got lost, found the castle and decided to just do that during the daylight rather than attempt to hunt down the english men pissing statue infront of the kafka museum (I figured this out later, otherwise I would have found it on my own).  Anyway, we went into the prague cathedral in the castle grounds, this marvellous building that I wouldn't normally be caught dead in since I have been having a minor feud with the church over the inappropriateness of the funeral and its immoral protection of pedofile priests.  In any light, my father believed in the church and I thought that I would light a candle for him.  Which was a fool's errand as the place was far to filled with tourists for anything but a wandering around and enjoying the amazing mozaics and stained glass windows.

We decided to scale to the belfry which cost us a cool dollar (20kc) and a few minutes shortness of breath as we scaled the 260+ steps.  No landings, narrow winding staircase, very cramped.  Basically, if you were to lose your balance, you probably wouldn't stop rolling down until you hit bottom or more likely another tourist a floor or so down.  The trip up the 20+ flights was well worth the pain though as the view from the tower was amazing.  Which is just my catch phrase for well, fairly unbelievable.. but believable since you're standing there and a lot of people look like very small people and you can make out things you couldn't have before, like old reminants of the town walls that used to separate the different parts of the city.  After someone had the brilliant idea of having the entire 2nd grade aged population of prague enter the tower (it is not big), we bolted down quickly and escaped into the town.  Grabbed food, a bottle of absinthe (the good stuff) which I will more than likely have ot ship home and give to my brother for safe keeping and good use.. and .. yea..

It turned into a fairly typical day.  I walked for about 7 hours non-stop, wandered around, got lost, had a few interesting if not surprising conversations about whatever .. things you wouldn't imagine discussing on a trip and got back to the hostel in time for a nap.  Afterwords, it rained like we were in the middle of monsoon season and I skipped out for dinner at the same italian place I had eaten the previous evening.  Later would find me in some dive, so I could watch part of the international hockey tournament . honestly, I wasn't really focusing on it.  I grabbed  few beers (probably one too many) and stumbled back to the hostel so I could pick up the early bus to Cesky Krumlov

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photo by: vulindlela