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The thing about travel is that not every day has to be a "rush rush rush, see a bunch of stuff" kind of day.  [edit: found the quote key] I'd use quotes and everything, this entry is probably going to be annoying since I won't be able to do so since the keyboard layout is different on this machine than the keyboard layout being used by windows.. fun fun, but since I can't find the quotes key, you're going to get it raw.  So back to the entry at hand: there are down days and to be frank, they're necessary.  Esp. after a day where you ran around all of saxony, within reason of course, and most of the day is going to be spent sitting on a bus. 

So the bus, nothing really special, just another bus to another place.  The hostel that I had was way outside of the city, but actually quite good.  I got very lost getting there and luckly the czech people in general are pretty friendly, well, that is when they figure out you're not part of a british stag party.  The guy spent a good 20 minutes getting me directions and the right tram to get me there.  Like I said, above and beyond, and I could devote an entry in itself to how incredibly nice it was.  Esp. since it meant that I wasn't going the wrong way with my pack on (I had already wandered a few kilometers the wrong way at that point).  Anyway, more tired than I should have been I arrived at the place, which was very nice.  Sir Toby's,

It had pretty much everything that I would want in a hostel, besides a central location.  It was cheap, it was secure and it was clean.  That pretty much covers it, oh and it was fairly close to public transit which made the next day easier.  Because I got into the hostel so late, I decided against really going out and attempting to explore the city myself at night.  I had gotten a walking tour on the bus and I figured that would be the start of my Prague adventure.  Writing this entry 4 days later, I have to say that this was a major mistake.  Honestly, Prague is pretty amazing and I do hope to convey in later entries.  Also, I missed out on a good jazz pianist, I guess.  But in my defense, the place that I was staying is not in the best part of prague.  Certainly not unsafe or anything, just less inviting when you first arrive.  You just have to remind yourself that additions to the city, certainly ones that were added after the invasion of the soviets .. err. .liberation, I mean, didn't do anything to help the city for the most part.  The TV tower is like a black eye and the concrete apartment buildings.. not so much either.  Anyway, I was content to read a bit, take a very long shower and get some good sleep.

So, yea, not so much content in the entry.  One good thing about being in the hostel was that I was able to get away from the bus people for an evening (or two).  It's nice travelling with a similar group of people since there is a sort of continuity and friendships and all that, but sometimes .. well, you have too much time with people who you're much rather not.

Of note: Phil, typical of most 18 year olds, found out before heading out on the bus that he had less than 200 euros for the rest of his trip.  So he had to shorten it greatly.  Shame, because I do like the kid, don't get me wrong.. but he made a few fatal mistakes.  So a bit bitter sweet, but such is the game.  You travel, you have your budget and going over has serious consequences. 

I've seen people skip meals, I've seen them steal butter and jam from breakfast buffets so that when they pick up a baget later it'll have something to it other than bread.. I've seen a lot of interesting and creative ways to expand a limited resource.  It's.. hard to explain to be honest, but when you're doing it yourself, well, it's sort of a bond you have that others just don't get.  I mean, I'm eating about a third of what I normally would eat back home.  I've only been gone a few weeks (heck, not even 3 yet) and I'm certain I've dropped at least 5-10 pounds.  Walking every day, eating less, living off a granola bar for most of the day or piece of garlic bread.  Its the most expensive weight loss program that I've been on.. but to be frank, well, it's not that expensive considering what you get.. and well, that will come tomorrow, when I write about Prague, the city that I shouldn't have gone to with less than 2 weeks in mind. 
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