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Been an interesting day.. although, completely not productive at all.  I'm definitely suffering from travel fatigue.  I realized later in the evening last night (while I was unable to sleep) that since I am changing hotels tomorrow that it would be rather impossible to head out to normandy since I would have somehow get my bag over to the new place before i headed out.  So I decided that I should do that today.  But I was going to do that after I hit Sacre Coeur.  I mean, it's mentioned in a lowest of the low song, it means that it must be visited.  the good thing is that it is, rather close, to where I am staying, so it wasn't much of an effort.  Hard to believe that the park there is one of the most filmed areas of paris (if I go by my meagar frech film collection).  In any light, the church is fantastic, I could have done without the "artist" peddlers.. but I quibble.  The church is rather amazing and well, I have to say that perhaps I am one of the few people that go into places like that and wonder about how many people could have been helped if the church wasn't so damn busy helping itself. 

Not that I couldn't appreciate a beautiful church, but something that is so.. decadent just seems to run afowl of the whole being defenders of the poor that the church is supposed to be.  Or at least that is how it works in my mind, which admittedly isn't the most straightforward place on the planet.  Afterwords, checked the email as I am waiting for confirmation of whether or not I can get a single for my trip through themiddle east (no go) and then off to the middle of the city to wander around some more.  This after spending some time hunting around for the train station to go to normandy and finding out that it's a 3 train circus to get out there and deciding that I can do it some other time, maybe when I rent a car..  anyway, wandered around the town, effiel tower, the whole bit.  After awhile, ducked into a chinese place for lunch (why chinese in france?  why not?).  Anyway, I'm paying the price now as I've got some serious stomach issues going on.  Didn't stop me from eating something for dinner as i was hoping that it would help .. not sure why.  In any light, I plan on spending the rest of the evening just hanging out and watching football.  Yes, I am in paris and I'm watching tv. 

On the upside, I have been moved to a new room in the hostel (not sure how I feel about the cleaning lady going through my crap to move it but that's another issue entirely) which does not face the street.  This, more than likely, will mean that i will at least sleep through the night.  Ahhh.. the power of low expectations.

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photo by: Sweetski