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Hmmm. so a few things that I left out from the last entry.

My 4:30 am wake up call.  Appears that one of my roomates from the previous evening had a bad dream of sorts which meant that when the ambulance that drove by with sirens blaring signalled that that he should leap from his bed into mine.  I am not kidding.  Certainly a different kind of experience than I am used to.. woke me up, well, more than the sirens had,although I feel like I missed out on a great opportunity to show my acumen in vulgarity as all I managed to get out was "what the hell?".. before he had leap frogged into his own bed and I decided that the moment had passed.

Later that day, I had decided that I should continue my tour of all things tall and scaled the arc du triumph.  Along the way, I had another sort of uniquely parisian experience when I was dive bombed by a pigeon.  Actually, both Joy and I were both hit by this nefarious french feathered fecies .. gah.  Had a muse but I appear to have lost it.  Anyway,  something to be said about the french, it took a serious discussion to get a "nearby" icecream place to part with a single napkin to help clean the crap off without paying.  That my friends is capitalism at it's best.  See that a person is in serious need of getting a big old giant bird turd off their shirt and it's economic opportunity.  I'm surprised that I wasn't charged a euro or two, esp. considering the need.

Hm. beyond that, I've wasted a lot of time here (internet cafe and otherwise).  Decided earlier to take a bit of a nap as I was feeling kind of crappy and it ended up being a 4 hour affair.. slept through my alarm and everything..

Tomorrow I swear I'll hit the louvre, do the night bike tour that I was looking at and do some touristy things.. then after that I was thinking normandy.
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"This is no such thing as the good life, Wyat, there's only life, now get on with it" - Doc Holiday, Tombstone.

Without a doubt Val Kilmer's best performance.. well, outside of Iceman in Top Gun (although honestly, i don't know if I would still enjoy that movie now... the things we used to enjoy as kids, you know).  Suffering from travel fatigue.  I think it has to do with a distinct lack of sleep the past half a week or so.  Honestly, between you and I, I am kind of happy I haven't gotten ill.  The hostel has windows facing the street and it's a rather busy street.  So sleep has been hard to come by.. Stuttgart was basically an exercise in getting there and then I decided it'd be a good idea to wash clothes (since everything was dirty) and that took me till almost 2am (as there was only one washer).. etc etc.  So, to say I've been a bit on edge, well, that would be an understatement.

For example, I will give you the paragraph I managed to put out on the bus ride from stuttgart to paris (9+ hours).

I wonder how some people do this.  Another day, another town.  No roots.  Friends for a day, for a week, forever, never.  Each moment something new.  Nothing old or familiar, nothing warn.  No one really there to wonder how your day has gone or smile upon your good fortune, cry with your despair.  Athens, Stuttgart, Paris, the next sunrise, the next nightfall.  Life on the small scale, as if you had condensed a human life, distilled it, to that of the candle placed in the sand of a church.  Burn.  Burn down to the hole, till that point where its snuffed out, drowned in itself.  Only to be repeated again, day after day, until the end of days.

I also wrote an outline for a book that I had been thinking about for a long time.  It's doubtful that I'd ever write it but I have the plot, timelines, nothing by way of characters or development, nothing at least beyond the opening I had written a few years ago, after that fight.   Seems like a lifetime ago.

Paris is nice, its humid and overcast.  I've been hanging out with Joy which as always, is a joy.  Yes, that joke never does get old.  She's succeeded in surviving through her first year here of theatre school and will be spending next year doing much of the same, only more.  So I decided that I should take her out to some place cheap and to buy her a drink (which isn't cheap.. Paris is expensive.. yikes).  In any light, it was good.. good company, and everything that goes with that.  I went to a pub quiz, the first one since I used to make a regular habit of it in seattle.. many moons ago.  Doesn't hurt that her team has a few people with far better brains for trivia than I, but I contributed a few answers that nobody otherwise would have gotten. 

Today, I thought that I'd get down to business as my plan was to grab a vistor visa from the Syrian embassy .. since that would be immensely useful later on in this trip but I was foiled.  The sites I've read about getting a visitor visa had been kind of vague about whether or not it had to be done in your home country so I thought that I'd test my luck.  Seems my luck sucks.  No dice on the visa as I'm not a french citizen or have residency here.  Not that it would have mattered, nobody there spoke any english for the most part and I didn't see any place to take photos would would have been necessary and I am, if anything, not real keen on a repeat of the whole Bratislava incident of the deportation story fame.  So, I may have to rearrange things a bit, attempt to get my egyptian visa in england and india.. well, someplace else.  I am sure I will have all that figured out by the time my 2nd or 3rd beer on the 4th.. or something.

On a side note, is there anything that really compares to the giant stained glass windows in Notre Dame?  Looking at a supernova?  The birth of your first child?  Granted ,I haven't much of an opinion of the two block bell towers (I'm not much for the whole bauhaus look.. even if it isn't bauhaus, I like curves what can I say) but the interior, ... I don't know.  Being overly dramatic, I know.  But I guess I'm just feeling that way..  if you're all lucky, I will go in again in the next couple of days and take a few photos, but in an odd sense, I'm almost tempted not to, as if that little bit would be mine.  And you would have to come here, to this spot to see it.  That any repoduction would never really compare, so why bother really trying...

PS: I don't care if Carolina won the stanley cup, they still suck.

PPS:  Go USA.  They were patently crappy against the czech republic but managed to eek out a tie with Italy.. now all they actually have to do is win one, hope that the czechs lose big time and maybe we get into the second round.  If they don't, I may actually have to seriously root for England. 

photo by: Sweetski