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"I'm so happy because today I've found my friends, they're in my head" -- Nirvana, Lithium

Today was a worthless day. I had decided from the get go, after almost a week of solid crappy rainy weather that today was going to be a day where I did as little as possible.  As such, I mailed home a few articles and somehow forgot the piece of the Berlin wall that I purchased in all places, Berlin.  I hung out on the internet and got cheap food from the street vendors, I attempted to stay up for all of the sabres game but after their dismal first period performance decided to head back to the room.  Where I was greeted to the loudest freaking snorers I have ever encountered.  I mean, honestly, it was dualing banjo time.. which of course, kept me up.  And when I finally fell asleep somewhere around 5 am, they decide to get up and then suffle around for another hour and a half.  I swear at the end, I nearly killed them.  Had I not had a bus that morning, I would have just slept all day or something.

So yea, not too much went on that day.  I did laundry, which took hours because the driers sucked in the hostel.  I also decided that it would be a good idea to drink the bottle of wine that I thought wouldn't survive the trip back home in a box (or would have cost far too much) which was great.. until, well, I was finished and it really started to hit me.  I wandered down the old city a bit in the vain search for a cheap hoodie, but I figure that will probably be a purchase for back home, assuming the weather in europe continue along its miserable pace.  Although that really seems unlikely since it is right warm right now at 10pm here in athens, where I am writing this, so I think my long sleeve shirt days are pretty much over.  But no foreshadowing and all that.. for all you are aware, I am still in Munich, at a crappy internet cafe, paying too much to be on yahoo messenger and not be able to send emails at the same time. 

It was good to catch up with people.. I must say.  And well, most of the things I normally would have done in Munich would have required at least a semi-sunny day so I don't feel so bad.. plus I will be back this way again.
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photo by: AleksandraEa