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"Momma, I don't want to die, I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all." -- Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

I had promised that the person I was travelling with the day before that I would get her at least to the right train on her way to Dachau before skipping out on that to meet up with Veronika and her new beau.  I had planned things pretty poorly since well, while it is nice to have company and all on a trip, sometimes you just have to be able to ditch people, esp. when they don't seem to particularly concerned about your company anyway. 

Hmm. before I get into today's little relevation about life and everything, I just wanted to let you know that travel is pretty dangerous.  I mean, without having television or most of life's normal diversions you find that your mind wanders to all sorts of crazy places.  Places, that well, one shouldn't really go.  Like the benefits of McDonalds food or whether or not Germany has another war in them or whether or not the rules of the road as far as friendships really extend to people you have met on a bus who probably are only talking to you because of your similar peculiar situation. Even if .. well, you're not there for the same reasons or have all that much in common, you all got there the same way and well, you're all human and whatnot.

Anyway, I made an illogical promise to meet up with the person in question later in the afternoon which proved to be a bit more problematic than I had anticipated since Veronika and Otheus had decided on doing a day trip instead of staying over the night.  Problematic since trains don't run in the ways one would normally think they would as far as regional train types are concerned between the austrian hinterlands and the bavarian capital.  Anyway, long short, we had a very expensive beer in the beer gardens at Andechs after semi-ditching girl from bus, although honestly, had she wanted the company she would have waited the 10 minutes that we were late.  Honestly, not disappointed, although I am questioning whether or not I should play be the same rules I would with my "normal" friends, esp. given other people's propensity to not play by the same rules.  Should I stress over being on time or making plans if I know that on the other end it isn't going to be taken as seriously as I am going to take it?  In any light, I got to spend the day with friends.  We didn't do too much because of the goofy time arrangements but we did get to enjoy some time in each other's company and well, spend a lot of time riding on the fantastic train system in Munich.  Again, the weather left much to be desired and my sleeping issues started to catch up with me a bit as I felt under the weather after we had to rummage through the dark forest around Andechs to make the train that didn't get us back in time for the last direct regional train.

Take that english teachers!  Ha ha.  I bet I have about a billion grammar and spelling mistakes in that last paragraph alone.  To those still learning english, yes, I am revealing in my ability to butcher the mother tongue, that doesn't mean that you can do the same thing. 

Andechs still never fails to be one of the best places in all of the world.  I mean, where else can you sit and drink beer brewed by monks from the 1455s, in a beer garden looking over the rolling hills of bavaria and .. well, wandering back down to the town get a fantastic view of the alps in the distance.  Had I the time, I would have sat in a beer garden on the Amersee and maybe watched a sunset over the lake.  Its one of those places that you sit and wonder about how you have a pretty damn good life, even if you don't have a pretty damn good life.  Sharing that place and those times with people you like, well, that just makes it even better, even if Veronika has some sort of Austrian genetic defect whereby she seems unable to appreciate the subtle goodness that is a good beer.
breen71 says:
Ha! I am loving your travel log Bill . It is like I am there too!
Posted on: Jun 06, 2006
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