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Travel day.. just arrived not too long ago.  Hostel screwed up my reservation so things could get interesting.. but we'll see.  I did find the place after some initial getting lost.  Appears that nobody really likes helping people around here.  Maybe it's because they get a lot of tourists or whatever, I dunno.  I just know that if someone asks for directions in seattle, most people fall all over themselves attempting to help you get to your destination.  But I suppose that is just my impression.  In any light, I don't plan on hanging out online for very long.  Paris was good, although I came away with the impression that I neither liked nor disliked the place, which is probably kind of odd.  It was a city.. that's basically where I am at.  Has wonderful things, like the Louvre and fantastic buildings and history and everything, just like every other city in europe.  It has a distinct lack of organisation (i.e. no freaking grid to walk.. streets just dead end into buildings), people who aren't very friendly (not in the stereotypical french way, just not helpful) and well.. whatever.  I think perhaps if I had done this first on my trip instead of last (or almost last) in this part of the trip, then I'd probably have a higher opinion.  But as it is, it was good, but not great and well, that's the sum.  I don't think it really represents france in any regard so I'm thinking that the next time I am going to have to make it out of the city and see the countryside.  Certainly didn't help that I had mild food poisioning, museum fatigue and just sort of really wanted to sit around and read than go out and do things.  Which is a luxury that you can get if you're on the road for as long as I have been and am going to be.  I can finish Fahrenheit 451 in my room and not be too bothered that I didn't run around to each one of the cemetaries to see whatever famous person's final resting place.  Not that I would do that sort of thing.  I didn't like the doors that much nor do I really have too much of a fascination with the dead.

In purely purile news, the US got their asses handed to them by ghana so they're on a plane heading home.  I attempted to watch the game but was denied.  Seems the french would rather watch italy than the US (bastards), so I ended up paying way too much for a beer to not even get the score of the game...

All this means, well, that I will be rooting for England come sunday night .. somewhere, in some pub probably, downing a way too expensive, way too warm, pint.   As has been said, in a much better form.. "god save the queen".

PS. I still don't understand why the english have decided that they need to pilfer "America the beautiful" for their national anthem, but who knows what these people think (and thank god for that!).  :)

conniemohan says:
Don't forget to stay away from the chinese food. Stick with beer and chips.
Posted on: Jun 23, 2006
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