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Hello kids,

Sorry for the radio silence, I was being hunted by zeh germans and I needed to beat a hasty retreat into the greek islands.  Many places here are not very big and as such don't have all the ammenities that one might wish for.  For example, porto buffalo (yet another buffalo) has all of 7 people in residence during the winter and can get upwards of 12 when everyone is in town (I kid you not).  As I have to go through my requisite terrorist checkpoint for my upcoming flight in a few minutes, this is going to be brief.  Happy, healthy, well, feeling alive and refreshed.  I have a tan (serious tan in some places), although wearing sunglasses all the time has produced something of a "racoon" effect .. I've gone into food comma a few times, I'm probably going to have to spend the next few days without any wine as my body seriously needs to detox a bit.. being hung over and having sea legs at the same time, not my idea of the most fun on earth, etc.  Since the week was quite.. well, relaxed, I did find myself not really taking down any sort of notes, so be warned.  If and when I decide to write a proper entry about the week, it will more than likely be a bunch of jumbled up garbage, wrapped in a thin layer toilet paper served up on toilet seat lid, but you get what you pay for.  Anyway, once again, alive, happy, well, and sitting in the airport. heading to stuttgart and then paris.. (can't wait to climb those 300 plus steps to the hostel in stuttgart, with my sealegs and hangover.. woohoo!).

Cheers, mates.  Or as we say in greece, yamas.

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photo by: Johnpro