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I'm taking a chance on the wind.
I'm packing all my bags.
Taking a mistake I gotta make.
Then I'm glory bound
-- Martin Sexton, Glory Bound

If there is an artist that better embodies the traveling person than Martin Sexton, I have yet to hear him.  Just something about his songs that seem to just connect with me.  Besides the fact that his live shows are almost like being at a revival, only without the whole god stuff.. well, a lot of god stuff. ;)  Just a blues, folk god.  Its my music tip of the week.

Yes, I realize that I've been under the radar for awhile.  You might take this as a sign that I have been doing great things, going lots of places and well, you'd be wrong.  I've spent most of the time here in london, exploring the little corner around where I'm staying, watching tv, fixing my iPod, plotting out parts further on that aren't fleshed out yet or other arrangements dealing with unfortunate events a week ago now.  

I'm doing well.  

There are things that I can control and things that I can't.  I do what I can, its that simple.  I won't be able to attend Chris's funeral, but I was able to give his parents recent photographs of him, something that they didn't have.  And while I didn't have any that were straight on, photographer quality, I think there was something even better in just the random shot, the smile that comes with a good conversation, the spacing between people on a hike, etc.. a little slice of the life that was ended far earlier than it should have been.   Something innocent, something happy, something before.

The past week or so has just been to recharge.  I've been to the British Museum.  Its fantastic.  I can understand why so many cultures (like the greeks, egyptians and turks) are pissed off about the stuff that is in there.  While I won't be able to see Egypt in person or China, I have seen enough of it that I don't feel like I'm missing too much.. well, besides the people and all that ;).  It is a fantastic museum and the fact that many of the museums in London are free to the public, well, that's just a nice touch.  Now if only the public transit cost about half what it does cost and ran on time, well, that'd make things just about amazing.

Its been a rough week, up and down.. but in the end, well, things go on.  The show goes on or it doesn't.  I have a few more months to this trip and I'm going to make the most of them.

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photo by: ulysses