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So, I've been spending my time .. well, recent time anyway, exploring the great north (the northern spike of new zealand) and hanging out with a few swiss ms'es.. enjoying a spot of good weather and other such things.  Something that definitely strikes odd is the fact that there is a swiss grill and cafe, a couple of swiss themed hotels, one flying a giant swiss flag from their flag pole.  So, I've designated that part of new zealand "little switzerland" with paihia as geneva south. 

A lot of time on the bus, alas.  Feeling the pinch already even if I do have four weeks more to go here.. and bus trips can be quite, boring.  Which can be dangerous.. for example:  I was thinking the other day, if adam and eve were the only people on earth, then their offspring must have had to have mated to populate the earth.  If that's the case, then it would probably explain all of the bad things in the human condition (like why we have appendixes and pinky toes).. not to mention our propensity towards voilence, intolerance, greed, etc.. and if the bible says that we were made in god's image, maybe we were.. but we were radically different in our original form.  Maybe we were supposed to have super powers, night vision, super speed, live to be 1000 years old and had 8 fingers on each hand but we're actually so deformed that what we have left is the genetic equivalent to an alabama farm family. 

Certainly leaves you something to ponder.

NZ is good and I'm doing well.  Heading off to the coromandel tomorrow.  Tonight will say good bye to a few new friends over a good meal and hopefully get a good night's sleep.  Last night was just atrocious as I seemed to wake up every 10 minutes or so and roll over.. well, guess that means that I will sleep well tonight.   Cheers.

PS: buffalo sabres are 5-0.  Booyah.

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photo by: Ils1976