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"You just listen to the pork chop express..." -- Jack Burton, Big Trouble In Little China

Okay, so it wasn't Kioni, it was frikes.. sue me. ;)  In any light, Frikes is SMALL.  About 3 hotels and maybe 5 resturants and a grocery store, that's about it.  Today was going to be a hiking day and by the time we got out of the hotel it was already threatening to rain on us seriously, so I brought my rain geer.  And sure enough, about half way up to Stavros the skies opened up and we poured upon and then came the lightning, which was rather cool.  Had my wet gear been up to the task it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.  I kept having this image of the guys from Saving Private Ryan going through occupied france with the lightning storm and the hills as a backdrop. 

So we got to the small museum in Stavros that has the only piece found in greece that has Ulysses name on it, something dated to be from 200 bc.  Since Ulysses is supposed to have lived in 1200bc it means that he was a fairly important figure for the island and was most likely worshipped as a demigod.  In any light, there were other artificats that were found in local caves some dating from 3000 bc (over 5000 years old), when the LASC heard this fact she couldn't contain herself and had to yell "Get out!".  Bah, who uses "get out" anymore?  Anyway, the guide was like "what?", which I interpreted as "why the heck are you talking?", but this meant to the LASC that she should attempt to explain what "get out" is supposed to mean.

After that, we dried out in a cafe, then headed up by taxi to a monestary in the middle of the island before heading to lunch down the hill.  I know, nothing like specifics, eh?  One of the groups in the taxis was treated to a ride from the greatest taxi driver on the island who invited everyone up to the best resturant on the island where we could get the only organic wine there.  Which intreged many of us, since well, how often can you say that you had the only organic wine on the island, in the best resturant recommened to us by the greatest taxi driver?  Anyway, on the walk to lunch we ran past the many goats that were in the mountains.  They were with bells so you could tell where they were.  Which begged the questions, "how the heck to they round them up" and.. "wouldn't having a bell on you drive you insane?".

Which I answered, that most probably tune it out, some probably go insane and then there are the few goats who sit around biding their time thinking about the day when the goats take over.  Yes, then it will be YOU who will be wearing the bells.  Good luck on the side of the mountain, jerks.

Kind of leads me into another inside joke that has been going around the group a bit.  I was chatting with Sharon and she and I got onto the topics of the olympics for.. whatever reason.  Anyway, I made the point that the Australians had good swimmers but we tended to kick their butts come olympics time and she made the point that US did pretty poor in the commonwealth games (she had meant australia but it was kind of late).  I made the point that we probably haven't won a medal since the 1770s and that the amazing string of losses was quite disspiriting. 

So from then on, its been sort of a running gag.. "how are you doing today bill?", "oh, I dunno.. kind of depressed", "really?", "yea, was just thinking about our lack of any medals in the commonwealth games.. but I think maybe this year will be our year, break out of the funk". 

After that we wandered down this donkey path back to Kioni before heading on a water taxi.  The donkey path was certainly an eye opening experience, .. it was like the scene from harry potter and the sorcer's stone with all the spiders in the trees everywhere (and they weren't your small garden variety spiders mind you... they were pretty darned big).   This of course, was made far more interesting with a member of the party being incredibly afraid of spiders (incredibly being the operative word, so bad she had hypnotherapy at one point).  So needless to say that took a bit longer than it was planned out to be.. so we all decided to grab a water taxi back to Frikes before heading up, back to Stavros to the best resturant on the island via a free taxi ride from the island's greatest taxi driver.. which turned out to be fairly good.  Wouldn't say it was the best food I've ever eaten, but it was plenty and the wine was quite good.  And really, it was kind of an adventure to just sort of take a break from the planned dinners and spend a bit of time with just a few people that you like to talk with.. overall, it was a great day, probably the best I've spent during this little time here.

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