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Had I known that I wouldn't go through passport control in Frankfurt, I wouldn't have scheduled a 4 hour layover here.   But I guess it wasn't all that bad of a decision since the LH senator biz lounge, which I have access to because of my status on the airline, has full showers.  Of which, I have now taken advantage.  Figure, I've indirectly paid for them with all my travel, why not?  A good way, in my estimation to hold jet lag and a minor hangover at bay. 

Bill's lesson for today - never pack 12 when you can get by with 8.  Also, things that come pre-packaged typically are not done with space economy in mind.  I am sure there are plenty of marketing studies that support this but I've tended to notice that many things are packed commercially to increase space since it gives the illusion that you're actually getting more than you actually are.  And well, if you only get one bag for 2 months, any extra milimeter or two will become significant over time.

Bill's happy thought - yay! I have enough room for a set of dirty clothes in my bag.  Yes, this was a concern since I packed the thing to the hilt.

Bill's "Doh" moment - I didn't pack a hair brush.  I have heard rumors that people in london use them, can't vouch for whether or not they know how to properly use it, so I'm hoping that I may be able to procure one.  Of this, I am alluding to the story about people in london not knowing how to properly use a toothbrush (I think if you google "dog beats man" and toothbrush, you might be able to dig up a study that showed that people in the UK had on average more foul breath than canines).

Other randomness (you get this because I am bored) - either the pop machine is set to stun or there is significantly less carbination in the coke here.  I do not think of this as a bad thing.  Nor does anyone who has had to deal with me when I'm over carbonated.

No email access (whoops, looks like there is a machine here.. yee haw, going to put this down anyway).  I'm not used to being telecommunicationally challenged.  It will certainly take getting used to.  Granted I've only been unplugged for 10 hours, the shakes shouldn't come for another day or two.

Flights - in 2 hours I'll not see the inside of an aircraft for three and a half weeks.  This is the longest span of time I have gone without flying since July.  Although to be completely honest, it may actually be longer.  Trivia, yes, sad trivia, most definitely.

Guide book - didn't pack one.  Whoops.  I'm not all that concerned though.  most places have good tourist information complete with maps and the like.  My only concerns are Prague and Amsterdam since I am not staying at the hostels where the bus picks up and drops off at.  Amsterdam I'm also a bit concerned about since I have no interest in recreational drug use or prosititution..

Hmm... reality hasn't sunk in yet.  I'll wait a minute.. nope, still not grasping the whole scope of this.

PS.  Want proof that I'm exceptional?  The travel nurse said that 7 % of people who get the typhoid shot get a sore arm, 3% get a headache and 1% get a bruise.  I got all three.  (Granted when she was telling me this, I told her as long as the 1% was actually contracting typhoid and dying, I was okay with getting the shot).                        
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