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What most people know about Dresden, or at least what I knew about Dresden, was that it was nearly bombed into the dust during world war II.  The bombing campaign by the British and American forces, months before the end of the war, ending up killing 35,000 people.

Fast forward to today, you can see a fairly well rebuilt old city on the southern bank of the elbe, with its famous opera house, palace (it used to be the royal residence of saxony), castle and church and a thriving new city on the northern bank.  Quite nice, the old city, if a bit compact.  It's not paris or prague, but it definitely has its charm.  The new city is definitely more industrial and our hostel would .. well, appear to be in a fairly dodgy part of town, but it really wasn't so bad, were it not for early trains and trucks.

  Honestly, it was nice, it wasn't filled with hordes of tourists and well, the jewels for this part of the trip were to be found outside the city, just difficult enough that for most tourists they wouldn't be on any itinerary, which is kind of how i like it.  But I get ahead of myself.

We picked up a few new faces from the touring crew and made our way into the old city.  One thing about the hostel I stayed at.. while it was in the dodgy part of town, it was run by a fantastic crew.  I'd definitely stay there again, without a doubt.  Although, between you and me, it did take a bit of getting used to the guy dressed up as a woman giving us tips on the opera house and all that.  Certainly didn't hurt that Phil, being young and .

. well, prone to saying stupid things, decided to open up a conversation about how Scottie was a girls name or for the gender confused, while the guy was standing behind him.  Not for me to be too critical, but honestly, if you're going to dress as a woman, I would imagine you would want to look the part, no?  The guy was obviously, well, a guy, so I fail to see the point.  But that's just me.. and well, I have digressed..

Anyway, new rule, never go traveling or sight seeing with a group of women.  One, two, maybe, but a gaggle, well, that is just asking for trouble.  Far more gossiping than I would care for and far less actual seeing of things worth seeing.  Don't get me wrong, they're a good bunch, I spent a few hours over a couple of beers discussing various travel stories but I was greatful for the bit of rain because it meant that were going back to the hostel and I was free to roam as my heart desired.

  Well, as much as you can when sort of saddled with Phil.  Don't get me wrong about Phil either, he's a good kid, just that .. well, any 18 year old I'd imagine getting on my nerves after a few days, esp. one that plays video games all day and thinks that his life would be lessened if he didn't get to play the latest monster hunting game or some other such nonsense.  Beyond that, there is really only so far you can take a joke before it starts to get really annoying and .. well, these are things you learn with age.

So, we wandered around Elbe.  Enjoyed the sights, got back to the hostel fairly early, ate an huge schnitzel.. good deal, really, drank a few beers in the company of the girls that we had ditched earlier.. enjoyed a good down day.

mellemel8 says:
reason 8 to go back to germany.
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007
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