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Hmm. not sure how I managed it, but i appear to be missing a day here.. Although I am not sure where this day was misplaced, so I am just going to correct myself here and at some point, reorder things if I feel like it is entirely necessary.  Anyway, the morning was left open to us to visit the site, the museum, sleep in, etc.. which I did a bit of everything.  I slept in, I visited the shrine to Athena who as the half sister of Apollo was in charge of guarding the site (or so the theory goes), to the spring where the travellers would wash themselves first and then back up to the site (although not in since I didn't feel like dumping another 7 euros into the greek coffers).  Into the museum to see the artifacts that were found, the examples of the gold and ivory statues .. one of a silver bull that is just beyond words, etc.  Then back to the hotel to pack up before heading onto the bus and heading to athens.

We got to athens early and I took advantage by wandering around a bit and then hitting the internet cafe to have a brief chat with a friend about getting accomodations in england for when I am there, which took a bit longer than I would have anticipated but london is full of dodgy places and places that blow my budget, etc.  Then to the final farewell dinner of our motley crew as the next day would be breakfast and they would all get onto a plane and head back to england or to wherever the next destination point was to be.   So long story short, it was a good tour.  I'm not sure I would do something like that over again as it was kind of slow paced and whatnot (maybe when I am a bit more aged) but it was definitely .. well, nice.  I happened to like going to places that had historical significance but were off the beaten path a bit.  It made the experience unique and well, I do now have a place to stay in london for the next time around and in the coromandel when I head to new zealand.  Who knows, take enough tours and well, they eventually start paying for themselves ;).

I hope that the boat tour tomorrow will be a bit different.. but we shall see. 
Dream says:
Bill? What's happening to you? You're scaring Mum with the silence.... Helloooo! You better update soon!
Love you, and hope you are having the time of your life! See you soon, Mum and Kelly
Posted on: Jun 13, 2006
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