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Travel day.  Started at 5am with me being up for a quick shower or something before we headed out by taxi to bathia to catch the 7am ferry to the mainland (6:10am departure from frikes, 7am departure from bathia, 4.5 hours in the ferry).  Hit the snooze, hit the snooze, got up, went to the ferry scummy, cause honestly, being up at 5am is a sin.  I got to see the sun come up and I took a few photos, the weather was looking like it might threaten rain, but clear enough that .. well, you could still see the sun in some regard.  In any light, the ferry ride was .. well, dull, as most ferry rides tend to be.  I've finished most of the puzzles in my Soduku book, which is not a good thing.. infact, by the time the 4.5 hour ride was over I had basically at least attempted every puzzle in the book, failed miserably on many of the very difficult puzzles but managed a good strong finish of 4 completed in a row, etc.  I put it in the bin as I left.  So I now I have to read the book I have in my bag, even though I have little interest in it.. lest I find a nice book store along the way. 

After that, 2+ hours in a bus to Delphi, where my room wasn't clean yet, so I spent some time washing my clothes (ah hand washed stuff.. nothing like being a bit dirty..).  Hung them up, the cleaning lady arrived, finished, I took a proper bath (my room had a bathtub! w00t) and then took a long long nap, which almost ended with me missing the guided tour of the site.  I booked over there, went though the site at Delphi, which is faily spectacular.   One of those odd things though, I have come out of this part of the trip with a much higher distaste of the early christians considering their arrogance and utter disregard of everything in the classical era.  Then again the romans were no better in some regard, but at least they didn't destory everything, they just coopted it.  Bah.

Anyway, the site is fantastic and there was some luck as some of the site's best objects had been hidden in a well of sorts.  Let me qualify this, the best objects that were found, the best objects were either stolen by nero to decorate rome or melted down into coins or destroyed by the early christians, but since it was a holy site and nothing was to be removed, when a tresury was destroyed by fire, the damaged objects were basically tossed into a pit, this pit was then covered and not re-discovered until the french excovated.  Which I found fairly interesting in it's own little bit, since the greeks aren't too fond of the french for having illegally taking a few items from their unsanctioned dig at olympos and yet they let them do the dig at delphi.. but they did offer a lot of serious concessions, the least of which, the paying of moving the entire town that was built ontop of the site (it was buried under 35+ feet of dirt) down the road a bit.  Interesting .. to say the least.. for example the entire city of Delphi (the ancient one) is in the valley buried under the same set of dirt.. and it hasn't been excavated at all.  I don't think that would happen here in the states but I guess we're a little less political about these things.  Essentially, the land would be bought at some terribly low value from the state, we'd move the inhabitants to some place or other and then dig until we found whatever it was we were looking for... but I suppose this gives future generations something to look forward to.

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photo by: danielrice20