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"People always told me be careful what you do.  Don't go around breaking young girl's hearts.  And mother always told me, be careful who you love.  Be careful what you do, cause the lie becomes the truth" -- Michael Jackson, Billie Jean

Oh, the quotes don't mean anything, just in case you're wondering, sometimes it has something to do with the conversations I have been having (i.e. the fight club one comes out of the fact that I almost bought the book in the english bookstore this day).

Went to bed early, got up late.  No point in being up too early as there was only 2 showers for the lot of us and to get up just to wait seemed like the peek of pointlessness.  This being especially true since the town, as mentioned before, is about 10 minutes from end to end.  So others had sleeply wandered off to showers and breakfast and I turned off my alarm and I continued a bit of a lazy soap opera that had me in more of a casual observer than the host or star.  I rolled out around 9:30 or so, I imagine, and lazied around until 11ish with the shower, internet and haranging the less than professional hostel staff about putting my laundry in, since I was on the mythical laundry shirt at that point.  It was expensive, but I didn't have to do it and it involved every stitch of clothing I had on me, minus what I had on when I woke up.. so it meant that I had to spend the day in my bathing suit.. which is not super comfortable with a pair of underwear on.

Anyway, I decided to go horseback riding in the afternoon, since it was relatively cheap and to be frank, how many people can say that they went horseback riding in the czech republic?  In any light, I commanded the animal admirably, if I were to be the judge of my horsemanship and almost was able to get him to be awake enough to come out of the slow meandering mosying that I could only imagine is what happens to a horse when it has to carry tourists around a predefined path it's run a hundred million times.  Probably the equivalent of the horse stairmaster, not really going anywhere but still in motion.  I left slightly bow legged and with a greater respect for horses, their handlers and well, that's about it.  The view of the countryside around Cesky was well worth the price I had paid, the added bonus of sore inner thighs and a bruise on my leg (since I had gone in the horsemaster attire de jour of open toed sandals and .. well, my swim trunks). 

Instead of being ripped off again by the taxi drivers we decided to wander back to the city (4km), which was a fantastic little walk, esp in the sunshine.  It was the first day in a few that didn't involve spotty weather and to be frank, I had little to be back to the hostel for, so it was nice to just wander and take way too many photographs. 

Being our last night in Cesky and the Czech republic that meant two things, well, no, that really meant one thing, that come sunrise on the next day (or when the bus came to collect our persons) that the money we contained in our pockets would be quasi useless.  Since the town effectively closes at 7pm (minus the resturants and whatnot), I decided to join a fellow passenger who had decided an effective use was to drink wine until she couldn't effectively remember that she had 400kc in her pocket that she probably would not be able to get rid of, even if she bought a bottle or two.  I had a cheeseburger and a beer and followed that closely with a few of his friends.  Then through the miracle of the internet and some serious smoozing of the hostel babe (since the internet in the hostel closed officially at 9pm) I listened to the first game of the eastern conference finals (nhl) buffalo vs. carolina.   The last beer I finished long before the siren blew on a 3-2 victory and went to sleep in the knowledge that the five euros of internet time was well spent.   In general, its was a great place to recharge and relax.

Oh, I did actually wander around the town, although skipped a number of the major sites, which I am sure would make you scratch your head.  Why bother going around a place that small and not see the castle, it's gardens, the tower, etc.  Guess I was feeling eccentric, but really, I was just tired.. and needed to not be bothered with the same ole touristy stuff.. I will say something though, the owners of the castle there were pretty bad ass.  Instead of having a moat filled with, I dunno, water and crocodiles, they had one that was filled with bears.  I dunno about you, but I think I'd think twice about storming a castle if it's moat was filled with hungry bears.  Unless, of course, I had a pic-i-nic basket that I could use as a distraction ... then perhaps I would attempt such a seige.  

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Cesky Krumlov
photo by: genetravelling