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"Nothing so loud, as hearing when we lie.  Truth is not kind and you said "neither am I"" -- Toad the Wet Sprocket, All I Want

The bus was early and it was.. early.  I skipped out on the hostel's free breakfast (which wasn't free since it came included with the price of the place, which was expensive for prague) since my stomach was doing some backflips and all that.  Our perky italian "guide" led us to the bus and we headed out through some unusually heavy traffic out to the picturesque little town of Cesky Krumlov.

If I were going to have a complaint about the bus "tour" that I am on, it would be that the "tour guides" on the bus are pretty awful.  Since it isn't a tour and they're not guides, it is to be expected, but even with their little bits about the country that you'll be entering, they've been nothing short of terrible.  The girl on the way to berlin kept telling the bus that the major river in the country (you know besides the danube) was the rhone river.  I don't know where the rhone river is, or even if there is a rhone river, but I figure it is nowhere close to the Rhine, which has a number of cities along it's banks and is famous for the Romanitschestrasse (note my german spelling is almost as bad as my english spelling so be warned).  Her butchering of even the most simple phrases had me fairly upset.  I mean, how fricken hard is it to go through the german numbers?  Anyway, the italian didn't impress either with her rather lengthy spiel about how there wasn't anything to do in Cesky Krumlov and her open disdain for the place.  All of which was couched by the "its picturesque and nice" followed by the .. but its slow and well, it sucks.  She couldn't fathom why the majority of the bus had opted for the slow option instead pressing on to the night stop in Vienna, esp. since it was friday and it'd obviously have a far better night life.

I, on the other hand, loved the place immediately.  A place where the entire town shuts down at 10pm, where its quasi illegal to do anything beyond that hour lest you be levied with a hefty fine.  Where I could walk the stretch of the town in less than 10 minutes.. it was like a dream come true.  No 8 hour walking days, no crazy getting lost and not finding my way back until I popped open a map and wandered around till I found a main intersection, just lazy, touring.   Lazy lazy touristy stuff.  Anyway, I was still feeling the previous night, but decided to wander the town anyway.  Grabbed a bit of grub, and headed back to the hostel as I had most urgent business to attend to, laundry.  Which unfortunately, I was informed wouldn't be an option till the next day.  Good thing I had not waited until I was on the laundry shirt day to do it.

So, with little to do, I started nosing around the book I had with me.  I was reading "The Last Juror" by Grisham, which is a passable read.  I have read a couple of his books and find him exceptionally tedious but at least this one had a pace to it and felt like it was generally going somewhere.  Unlike "the net" which spent far too much time on the idea that copying documents out of a law firm was somehow high drama.  Feeling the sun shining on my face and relaxing in probably the most comfortable bed I've felt in a fortnight, I fell asleep like a cat on windowsill.

Woke up roughly around 7pm..  and then did a lot of nothing.  I hung out a bit, got on the internet, read, wandered around the town a bit, in the vain persuit of maybe grabbing another book since while the grisham was passable, I thought perhaps better fare was out there and was taunted by the idea that there was an english bookstore in town (which closed at 7pm) and was in bed before 10pm for the first time in awhile.. sleep like a baby.  How's that for a boring travel entry, never fear, there are more to come.

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Cesky Krumlov
photo by: genetravelling