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I figured that I would write this entry on the bus tomorrow, but why put of till tomorrow something that you can.. err.. wait a second, that doesn't work..  hmm. strange, writing about something as if it were yesterday, although I'm adding commentary from today.. (5/13)  yea, I'm a dork.

Anyway, got up kind of late.. which was nice.  Good thing about being on vacation is that you can sleep in, even though, well, sleeping in these days means not rising before 9am.  I met up with Phil (a new Brazillian friend) and Tara and we were off to do the walking tour of Berlin that we had purchased on the bus.  Which was interesting, of course, since there is a lot of history in Berlin and well, unfortunately, not a lot of that contemporary history is all that positive.
when books are burned, it sure that men will soon follow.
  Somewhere after the square where they burned the books and checkpoint charlie, someone asked what day is was.  Friday.  Then insued a bit of wonderment.. "wow, friday already?"... see, its pretty easy to lose track of days, esp. when you measure time based on how long you're staying in a particular place.  So, this is day one in berlin.. I have one more and then I'm headed to Dresden.  Basically speaking, from here on in, every day is friday, infact, this is my fifth friday this week, friday the fifth.

I got to see the prusian built brandenburg gate, the museum island, .. well, a lot of good stuff.  I even picked up a touristy piece of the berlin wall, complete with a picture of where it was taken from and everything.
  Will it make it home? Debatable, but such is  life.  Have to say that while the russians weren't very good about eastern germany, there were smart about one thing.  Destorying hitler's body and dumping the ashes in a river.  No place now for the neo-Nazi morons to converge were they to have given the monster a burial.  The holocaust memorial in the city is a bit art neuvo for my taste but honestly, is there really anything you are going to erect that is going to say, "gosh we're really sorry that we tried to eliminate every last one of you.."?  What was strange to find out was that Berlin was a surprisingly tolerant city (for the time) and the jewish people flurished there..  once again, art went by the wayside as I decided that the best way to experience the city in the later hours was to take part in a pub crawl.

The pub crawl.. hmm. well, left much to be desired.  I mean, I do enjoy my night out drinking and whatnot, but I guess I've progressed beyond the point of pointless drinking.  I figured I'd get some sort of tour that would explain.. well, what made the bar significant or how the Berlin night life works, etc.  Instead, I introduced Phil to Jagermeister (who thought it tasted like toothpaste), enjoyed a few shots of tequilla and wandered back to the hostel after exhausting the free shots that came with the tour.  In any light, it was rather unfufilling as well, most people were just not in the mood to get a little loose and I wasn't in the mood to hang out with people who'd rather sit in a corner than be social. 

In any light, it's nice to be in a country that I can speak the language.. even if it is .. well, brutally rusty and horrifically bad.  No way to get better without practice and whatnot.  So anyway, it was a long day, but productive.. best you can expect.
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when books are burned, it sure tha…
when books are burned, it sure th…
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