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Got up at 4:30am, goodness knows why.  My train didn't leave until 5:50am and well, the germans are anything if not sticklers about trains and their time schedules.  But I wanted to make sure that I would get there on time and whatnot.. so I had showered the night before and had packed up most things but still left enough out to cause a minor rukus before leaving the place around 5am.  Down the stairs of doom, through the park which only had a few vagrants in it and over to the train station about 30 minutes before heading off. 

I have to say that the germans definitely have things down.  No train into frankfurt with an hour tube ride into the airport, nope, the train takes you right to the frankfurt airport, the only thing better would have been if it had taken me straight to the gate.  But that, I think would be asking for a lot.  And I have to say that being an elite on the airline still rules since the business lounges in frankfurt have full showers, of which I took a long one.  Checked the email, reconfirmed my information about the tour, blah blah. 

I have been thinking about various titles for my impending blockbuster bestseller travel book, cause really, the story is all fluff anyway, what one needs is a catchy title.  Anything, I think mine will be something like, "Nobody in europe wears a baseball cap".  Yesterday I decided to give my usual headgear a break from active duty and I was asked in german by some guy where a particular place was in Stuttgart, and I had to regretably inform him that I was an american and I didn't know a darn thing, in german.  Put my hat on, and everyone addresses me in english, nobody bothers.  So, I now know how to formulate my new secret identity.  Bill the super mole, international agent, spy extradinarre.  This is not to be confused with super-molee my spanish equivalent or holy moley the agent super spy from the vatican.  You better beware the man's secret prayer.


Hmmm. random notes: swiss air is pretty good.  Flew on some odd aircraft that I have never seen before with multiple jets under the wing holding about 100 passengers.  They have cool maps in their flight guide which have no borders for any countries.. they give chocolate on their longer flights.  The zurick airport sucks, as it doesn't have any lounges inside of security, which you don't find out until, of course, you're inside security.  Oh, and it costs 3.50 euros for a half liter of coke.  Which resides somewhere between incredible and unbelievably incredibly insane.  Oh, the 4 euros for 8 minutes of internet was also an amazingly incredible insane.. thing.

Hmm. Athens airport.  nice, big, with great big confusing signs that seem to obscure any kind of idea of where the metro station is for the city.  Also, they don't label their metro lines, you're just supposed to know that the blue line goes to the airport and back into the city, esp. since the trains don't tell you.  Which provided much confusion for everyone that got off the flight with the anticipation that .. well, the train would make sense.  In any light, I got in late, got lost, finally found my hotel, met up with the tour guide and all that jazz.  I found out that I won the tour lottery in that while I didn't pay for a single suppliment, everyone else is either in a couple or paid for a single suppliment so I have my own room.


Woo hoo!.   I took an hour long shower just because I could (with no shower curtain because the greeks for some bizarre reason think it's unnecessary.. so the floor becomes a skating rink and get you get water all over the toilet, the toilet paper, the sink.. its fantastic).  I slept in, I took up the whole bed.  Nobody else snoring, nobody sleeping above me or below me or around me..  Sure its only been a month, but honestly, its like being born again.  I have seen the light, having a nice sized bed.. with real pillows and air conditioning.. and .. its so good.. heck, I am headed there fora  bit of a siesta after I finish this diatribe. 

Met the other tour participants.. they're well, older but I am sure it will be interesting none the less.  I picked up the tour because it was going to places that most people didn't...  I had dinner with a few of them and I have to say, the canadians are the loudest of the bunch and there is an oblivious british couple as well who seem to think that the world sort of revolve around them.. but other than that, a fairly cheery bunch.
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photo by: Johnpro