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"When I am king, you will be first against the wall" -- Radiohead, Paranoid Android

In the morning, by bus we travelled to Areoplis, Greece which is on the Mahne penninsula, through Mycenea and Sparta, past the ancient city of Corinth, etc.  It really was a wandering history lesson in many regards.  We stopped for a few hours in Mycenea and it was.. well, an ancient ruin, but just so odd to be walking in a place that is by many estimates around 5,000 years old, and to have walls that have survived for at least 3-4,000 of them .. well, that is a feat of engineering.  I mean, how much stuff are we building now, will be around more than 100 years.. heck, make that 50?  Again, though, how many buildings do we make now, would we want to last more than 100 years?

Although, I really do doubt that the major concern of ancient greeks was to litter our history books with junk and and stuff..a nd really, if they did think that 5,000 years later we would be looking at pottery fragments and ancient sword handles, you would think that they would probably have made that stuff a bit more durable as well.  You would think that they would have at least labeled the grave of Agamennon.  The kind of Mycenea in homer's story about the siege of Troy, who after his brother king of Sparta had his wife taken by Paris caused a minor skuffle involving a horse and the burning of the city to the ground.. and all that.  Unfortunately, nobody has been able to substanciate the existence of this king, since it would be nice to know if well, it was more than just a story.. in any light, it was a fantastic wander, through the berial tombs and just the bus ride through the countryside .. well, incredible.

After that, we stopped off in Nafio (which I am sure I am spelling wrong) which its giant venitian fortress overlooking the area.  I climbed the 750+ steps to the point where they made you pay to enter the fortress (since there is little to see in there besides walls) and took pictures of the town and its defenses, some put there by the venetians, some by the turks.  The water, the bay, ... so picturesque.  I didn't die on the way up, so I am guessing that is a sign that I am in much improving health either that, or I am already dead.  But I don't think that is the case, although it would give a new meaning to ghost writing.

We arrived in Areopolis fairly late in the evening and picked up after a brief nap to dinner, where we all sat around and dicussed travels and everything.  I do like the people that I am touring with, even if it has taken a bit to get used to the different mix of people involved. Some rather old (but very mobile), some old but annoyingly loud and everyone somewhere inbetween.  It will be an interesting, if slow, trip.  Which has its benefits, for certain.  I don't feel guilty about taking a siesta and I don't feel like I have to shove a hundred sites into a weekend..

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photo by: xaroula