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Hmm. so my notes are a bit sparce for this period of time, so I will fill in with filler just random garbage that comes into my head..

Actually, no, I'm just thought that threatening my small but growing readership with a long drawn out entry about whether or not books written about things you're really interested in reading are more engaging because you can relate to the main character or if people are just small minded and can't seem to adjust when they're gotten out of their comfort zone.  Or something.

Anyway, nothing to do with the day, so I will table that discussion for another time.  The morning was spent wandering around on bus, heading to small byzantine churches that have been around in the area since well, the byzantines had controlled the Mani.  The most fasinating thing about them, besides the very small entrance ways which were designed this way to force you to bow before entering was the elaborate marble mantle pieces adorning the entrace.. well that and the red bricks that were used to decorate the church, almost like a larger scale mosaic (only not nearly as ornate as the mosaics that you would find on the bottom or a roman or greek bath.. or temple).  In any regard, they were interesting and at one point we wandered down a very narrow path (couldn't even fit the bus through) and got to experience a bit of a service as I believe it was the othodox assention.  It was at this point, that I really started to wonder about whether or not opinions about other cultures might be born out of ignorance or because people seem to lack the proper amount of respect for other people's traditions.  I couldn't help but feel like .. well, I had invaded the place and didn't poke my head into the church or have loud conversations outside it.  It just felt wrong, but that didn't stop some of the people in the group, whom I think would have been perfectly find to examine the people in the church like someone would examine animals in the zoo.  Wow, this is how people worship in their primative culture... In any regard, I was much happier when we left so that way our obnoxious canadian grandmother could have her overly loud conversations on the bus where it would only offend me.. unlike everyone else who would just naturally assume it was an american.

After that, we headed to a small town to grab some food and then wander down to the most southern point in mainland greece.  Which was kind of an adventure, esp. considering that it was in the middle of the hottest part of the day.  We wandered past what was an ancient greek city.. not sure what honestly, as there was no markings, but there was a partial mosaic to posiden a few hundred meters from the point where .. well, the destination, a light house, overlooking the one of the other penninsulas in southern greece... well off to our left anyway. 

Hmm. today, I suppose I should get a bit into more about the whole sunburn thing.  So I decided to have this experiment about having a controlled burn, like you would with forest fires.  I figured, wrongly so, that if i had burned myself a little, controlled the burn you see, I might be able to get myself used to being out in the sun a lot and thereby save myself a lot of pain going through the middle east.  But alas, this is not really the case, well, at least with my shoulders and upper back.  No there is no controlled burn, there is just burn.  And burn baby burn, I spent the night previous enjoying a sleepless night rolling from painful shoulder to painful shoulder.  Anyway, after such a smarting, I decided that I would be better served actually using the sunscreen I had brought with me and then controlling it in that regard (i.e. not letting it get worse).

After returning from the lighthouse, we all went for a swim in the med.  Which, is pretty much the highlight of any day in greece during the summer as things around here can get pretty darned warm.  At least in southern greece anyway.  So, I spent as much time as I was physically allowed to in my swim and then we headed off to dinner in the main square (after a siesta.. that was I greatly missing from the day previous).  Dinner was a fasinating cultural adventure since most places will allow their patrons to go wander right into the kitchen where the chef (of chefs) will display and explain everything that is available and what it comes with and everything else.. I naturally chose something that was heavy on the meat and light on the veggies since I am very keen on keeping my girlish figure.  In any light, it has taken some effort to get used to the greek time schedule.. eating at 8pm (or later) seems, well, late.  Esp. since you're more than likely not going to be doing anything real afterwords.  It makes me wonder why there aren't more fat people in greece, but I suppose it has more to do with the content of our food and the portion size than anything else.. but it may also have something to do with the relatively high amount of people smoking as well.. but I suppose that is for another day.
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photo by: xaroula