Amsterdam, the second kiss, or the second first kiss.

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Its good to be able to do these journals a day or two after they happen, allows me to soak things in a bit more or else I would have probably written some rather poor things about the city the day previous.  Although, between you and I and whoever is reading this, I am doing this because I am sort of lazy and well, because these things take time(huh huh huh) and a computer and well, you would be surprised how little time you have with both, free time and a computer and well, the inertia after spending all day walking (i.e. I had some monster blisters and I was tired...).  So sleep or a journal entry?  Not really a contest.

Before I get into my day, a few final thoughts about Bruges.  First, well, I finished the Da Vinci code so all you have been hounding me about it, you can now officially stop.
  So.. bruges has good beer (dangerous in copious quantities) and very good chocolate.  Since I have not tasted all the chocolates on earth, I am not yet ready to say its the best on earth or anything.  However, I do not think that'd stop Belgians from making the claim.  A wandering through the chocolate museum attributed this to the refinement of the coco beans, but don't let that fool you.  The fact that the chocolate tastes so good is because of St. Billeous, patron St. of Belgium who drove out the Keebler elves in the the twelvth century.  The lack of these foul beasties means that confectionary artisans are not confined to the shapes of elves or the trees that spout them.  Granted, one might question this reasoning since the western form of chocolate didn't appear until the late 1800s, but I'd just say that the St.
was quite a visionary.

But I diverge.  I'm staying at a christian youth hostel, which in itself isn't entirely bad.  The place is a. clean, b. safe and c. clean and safe.  The three things you want in a youth hostel.  There is the obligatory push of materials and prayer times at check in but I didn't pay it no mind.  Nor did it much bother me having a poster in my room that had "Jesus.. something or other, rein without end".  On it was the earth (small), being flown over by an eagle that had to be twice the siye of the planet and beneath that a hurricane type thing that looked like it was possibly wiping out all life on the planet.  It was sort of mixing religion, "The right stuff", "The day after tomorrow" and a godzilla movie.

I grabbed breakfast, which involed an involuntary listening to gregorian chant music.. strangely I found myself humming it afterwords.. those monks had themselves some catchy tunes.. fairly subversive.

After some wandering, I met up with everyone that I had hung out the day previous doing the Bike tour of Amsterdam.  A fanastic choice, if I do say so myself, and a fantastic day to boot.  We rode through various parts of the city, learned some interesting tid bits about the place, enjoyed some sun, some cheese and generally speaking, improved my opinion of the city greatly. 

First impressions are like first kisses.  You almost never forget them but given a little time you can, however, improve upon them.  Unless, of course, that first kiss was awesome, then its all downhill from there.

Anywho, small notes:

Adam and Tara are good travel buddies.  We're like the international travel team, all we need are cool spandex uniforms and superpowers.  Then we'd fight crime and stuff, from our travel bus.

On the bike trip, we ran across an antique shop that sold model boats.  The kind of boats that go into ships, only like, almost big enough for you to hop onto and ride like you would a dog, when you were still young enough to honestly believe the beast would be able to support your weight and well, would be willing to do so.  The purchase of such a boat, then became an inside joke for the rest of the stay.  Basically the idea would be wander around with the boat and when someone asked "What's the deal with the boat?",  you'd just respond, "What?  Never seen a man with a boat before?".  Then act like they were crazy.  Then later, when the dikes break and they come to you all contritionary, "see, don't you wish you had a boat?".

It later degenerated into a conversation about what Noah must have felt like.. Like he was the only person in Ark building class who was taking it seriously and everyone else was taking it because it was an elective and an easy A.  "Oh yea, well, we'll see how cheerful you are when the flood comes and you want a spot on my Ark!".

Ended the night with a nice dinner and some internet... then getting lost through the red light district trying to get back to the hostel as I was having an emergency of sorts.. which I will spare you all ...

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photo by: pearcetoyou