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The problem with this kind of trip is that there isn't nearly enough time in any location to ever see all the things that are worth seeing, ditto for doing.  Of course, if it were, the trip'd be 10 months and probably just cover london and paris.  Anyway, once again Art fell by the wayside.  I figure I'll make up for this by spending an extra 15, heck, maybe 20 minutes in the louvre when I get back to Paris. 

Met up with Tara and Adam, switched hostels, which took more effort than it should but it's a little more complicated than checking in and out of hotels (hostels have check out times but they're rarely rigerously enforced.. lest you really push it).  Anyway, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to book the same place as the pickup point, only, the next morning we were going to have to walk a good quarter mile to the pick up point anyway.. price you pay for booking these things ahead of time.  I figured a day in the place would be okay, even though every review of the place was either negative or very negative (with reason, the place was like animal house.. only with more screaming and yelling at 2 am). 

After that completed, we grabbed ourselves a few bagets, some super expensive (although probably the best i have ever eaten.. seriously.. fantastic) strawberries and some pizza balls.  This is the first low brow junk food I've had on this trip, but i digress.  We got a ticket for the canal bus and enjozed the wonderful sunshine and sailed along the many canals that delineate the various sections of the city.  Couldn't have dialed up a better day weather wise, warm, not too hot.. we ate the cheese from yesterday, broke bread, had a fantastic little lunch watching the city float on by.

We wandered up to the Van Gogh museum but decided to skip it in favor of the Anne Frank house.  The decision against the art museum was two fold, a. time, b. it's more expensive than the Louvre.  I think that is going to be my measure for stuff like this.  If it costs more than the louvre, then I am not going to bother.  Besides, I have seen a few Van Goghs in my time and really, I'm not much for cubism..

The Anne Frank house is well worth the trip.  Tastefully done, its been made into a museum dedicated to the occupants who had hidden themselves from the Nazis, only to be betrayed and sent to the camps months before the allied liberation.  Seeing it really, well, it gives a whole new meaning, a whole new comprehension to the play i read in high school.  Seeing the marks on the faded wall paper where they marked the children's growth over the years..  Its plausable that were she not to have perised in Bergen Belson, she'd be a grandmother, great grandmother, perhaps, a full life of joy and sorrow.  Its difficult to imagine that people could be so monsterously cruel.  If you go to Amsterdam, I am going to say that it is really a must.

I get pretty emotional about this kind of stuff, I just hope that we never forget the lessons so costly gained.  We spent another hour or so on the canal bus before heading off the china town for some reasonable food, good conversation and over the to cybercafe afterwords for updates and emails.  Been here two good days and I have just figured out the streets, winding, twisting, you think you're going east and find you were going south.  Its a shame that I didn't have more time, the tulips are in bloom.
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photo by: pearcetoyou