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Hmm. what do you say about a 9 hour bus ride?

I didn't bring enough reading material and finished my second book of the trip too early.  The good thing about travel like this is that, well, that you find that you don't have to worry too much about taking a lot of books with you.  I finished the da vinci code in like 3 days and after it was done, Adam handed me "A long way down" by Nick Hornby.  He's the guy that wrote High Fidelity, in case you were wondering.  Anyway, I thought that a good sign, even if the book covers topics one might not find a lot of humor in... although it was very well written.  Now, I'm reading the Last Juror by Grisham, having traded with Tara.  I've already equalled my total out of reading in the past, oh year or so.
. sad, yes, but I do read a lot of news (or I used to).

Can't say I'm much of a Grisham fan, I read the net and didn't see what the whole hub hub was about.  It was a fairly dull read.. maybe this one will be different.

Anyway, we got in, I did some email, then went off with Tara to the local biergarden (nothing to write home about) and promptly lost my hoodie along the way.  Of course, I won't realize this until tomorrow's entry.. but some foreshadowing.  Berlin is demonstratively less expensive than Amsterdam.  Maybe this is a product of the reunification?  Maybe its something else.. but it's good to be able to find reasonable stuff for a reasonable price.  Paying 3€ for a bottle of water is a bit steep.
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