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On the underside of the world, a man on a trip turns another year.  Its been an odd year.  I'll drink a proper toast and maybe write a proper entry when I have more time.  As it is, I'm being shuffled out of here.  So very very hard to find an all night cybercafe.

[update]:  Typically on my birthday I think I'd probably be half in the bag (I'm all in the bag tonight) and having a bit of a crisis of confidence or some such.  I know I'd defnitely be in a far worse mood than I am in now.  But for whatever reason, I'm feeling invincible right now.  To hell with job interviews and everything else.   I may be here, far away from everyone and everything and its my birthday but . well, things are just going to go my way.  Hey hey, they're playing my song, that kind of thing. 

For those that are not too happy with my lack of updating, well, my muse has been taken for other endeavors.  If you're lucky, I might include you.  And for everyone else... well, I have a new trip theme..

"Bohemian Like You" from The Dandy Wahrhols.  I know a few of you are not too keen on downloading songs vis a vis the internet so I'll see about grabbing a youtube or google link.. its a damn good song.

Beware: this link is not entirely work safe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FEvk0Ckeao

Ha ha reminds me of the last time I was at the Beacon Pub.. well, except all the nakedness.  I almost miss kareoke.

 Woo Woo Woo!  I'm 33.. spater!

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photo by: jendara