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Russell the Wombat

First, A Note From Mommy Kathrin_E:

This here is the blog of my travel companion Russell the Wombat. Just like me, Russell has been an active VTer – those of you who have met us already on Virtualtourist, be it virtually or in real life, will remember him. For more than nine years he has been my faithful companion.

Did you know that wombats make the greatest travel companions ever? I had no idea until I got adopted by this furry little fellow during my second Australia trip in April 2008. He decided he wanted to move to Europe with me, and since then we have been a travelling dream team. He has seen quite a bit of Europe in those years. Russell loves exploring new places and having his photo taken everywhere.

For reasons of convenience Russell will not have a separate registration and profile here on TravBuddy, but I want him to have his own blog.

Me on the first day with Mommy. I'm still wearing the ear tag telling my name and who I am.
In here, he will tell you about the trips he took with me and the places we visited together, from an Aussie’s point of view. It is not me but Russell who is talking in here. I’m just the secretary who helps him with the typing, as his paws are great for digging but too big for the keyboard. So from now onwards, Mommy is keeping quiet. The stage is yours, my friend.


Introduction of a Travelling Wombat

G'day mates - I'm Russell the Wombat. I'm an Australian born in China who is now living in Germany. So I've done quite a bit of travelling at a young age. I don't remember much about my birthplace in China and the big overseas trip when we were stuck in a pitch-dark container. Luckily I didn't get seasick in there.

The first place I really remember is a shop in Margaret River, Western Australia.

This is where I lived in Australia: the main street of Margaret River. I stayed in a shop that sold all kinds of souvenirs for tourists, t-shirts and, well, us. This photo shows more or less the view from our shop.
I was sitting on a narrow shelf together with five or six of my brothers and a bunch of kangaroos. We often wondered what would happen to us, where, and with whom, we would end up.

Then one day I saw her walking in. When she took me in her hands I knew: This is my mommy. But she said, "No, I think you'll have to stay here, little chap." I was heartbroken. Luckily a heavy rain poured down outside, so she lingered in the shop and finally came back to our shelf. I looked at her again and managed to convince her into adopting me!!!

This was on April 16, 2008. So this date is officially my birthday, because it was the day when my life really began.

We then travelled a bit round the South West of Australia and on to Perth. There we boarded an airplane and went on a loooong night trip till we finally reached my new home on the other side of the globe in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I was grateful for this lousy weather!

I'm now living on Mommy's desk, keeping her company and helping with her work. She is travelling a lot to see places, and I always try to persuade her to take me. I am growing older and my fur is not as fluffy as it used to be in my youth. But I am as keen on seeing new places as ever!

In those nine and a half years I have visited many places in Germany and 13 other European countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, and the UK.

I'd like to mention that all my photos are for real, we are not doing any montages. Perhaps a little photoshopping here and there. But I have really been to these places and posed in front of all these backgrounds!

lauro says:
congrats kathrin!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2017
Paulovic says:
Congrats on your featured blog. Funny way for writing a blog. :)
Posted on: Dec 15, 2017
cimtech says:
Congrats on your featured blog !
Posted on: Dec 15, 2017
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Russell the Wombat
Russell the Wombat
Me on the first day with Mommy. I…
Me on the first day with Mommy. I…
This is where I lived in Australia…
This is where I lived in Australi…
I was grateful for this lousy weat…
I was grateful for this lousy wea…
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