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The city at night, looking across the train station

We went up to Scotland for the Fringe Fest which happens every year, days of performers and shows on everywhere in Edinburgh. We went specifically for a show with Nine Inch Nails and Foofighters which was AWESOME! I love Trent Reznor! Jim and I saw NIN in London at the Brigston Academy when they were here a few months ago and it was great so we thought we'd go see them again, besides Jim wanted to see Foofighters. I'd actually forgotten how many good songs Foofighters had so... to the point, the concert was great and we had a blast. We also went around the city and saw the sights, the castle on the hill and Mary King's Close which is a grouping of old buildings that were built over when the city leveled up the main street.

The city at night, past the cream colored building to the left you can see the castle up on the hill
Apparently it is one of the oldest examples of sky scrapers in the world, and it's supposed to be haunted, not that I saw any ghosts though. And, 'sniffle' 'sob', they don't allow personal photography, so I was a bit heart broken. But, it's like a bunch of small cellars with little lighting and no windows so I could see where you wouldn't want a bunch of people with flash photography walking around small places with uneven floors. It was cool though, so if you ever make it up there, definitely see it if you like creepy things with a bit of history. We took the train up and back so it was a bit long from London, like 5 hours but first class has power sockets so we took the laptops and watched some movies. Man I love technology. Our hotel was the Glass House, which was 5 stars and 'modern' it was all like an art deco nouveau which was a bit odd, but super nice, they put a scented thistle on our bed every night. It was right next to the movie theater and a bunch of restaurants and shops but enough off the main shopping area that it was quiet. It was so close to the venue for the concert that we walked back, got our 12,000 steps for the day that day ;) The city itself is great, the shops are pretty much the same through out the UK but the buildings are beautiful and it's easy to walk the whole city in a couple of hours. There are a ton of amazing parks.

snlittle says:
This sounds great! I'm going to London over New Years and am looking forward to taking a train to Edinburgh. Do you have any suggestions of things to see or do?
Posted on: Aug 28, 2007
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The city at night, looking across …
The city at night, looking across…
The city at night, past the cream …
The city at night, past the cream…
Thistles of many colors
Thistles of many colors
The city view from the castle
The city view from the castle
Part of an inner section of the ca…
Part of an inner section of the c…
A street performer with a puppet
A street performer with a puppet
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