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Map of the Netherlands - the different provinces

I was born in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. When I was a few weeks old I was adopted by a family from the Netherlands. Since then I've lived here in this small country in Europe. A small country yes, but it should not be underestimated :) When you're planning a trip to Europe make sure you don't skip my country. Especially our capital city Amsterdam should not be missed.

Basic Info The Netherlands got it's name because of the location below sea-level. The Netherlands is a very flat and small country. The Dutch are known for their skills of managing water and building bridges. The Netherlands is also known for the harbour of Rotterdam, its windmills, tulips and wooden shoes.

Those are the stereo-types people know. Ofcourse everybody also thinks of drugs and the red light district when thinking of Amsterdam, but not every Dutch person uses drugs or visits the red light district every other weekend!!  The Dutch are very open minded and free-spirited. Atleast I experience them to be. The country is divided in 12 different regions (provinces) where you will find differences in lifestyle; accents, traditions and habits. Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Utrecht, North-Holland, South-Holland, Gelderland (I live here), Flevoland, Zeeland, North-Brabant (I grew up here) and Limburg. Inhabitants: a little over 16 million Language: Dutch Currency: Euro

Amsterdam is our capital. Amsterdam is a great city to visit. The atmosphere is very nice.

Entrance Efteling
Amsterdam is a melting-pot of cultures, free spirits, art, music, and a great night-life. The heart of Amsterdam is the dam, where you will find the monument on the dam. There are boatrides trough the canals wich allow you to see the city from the water. The city has great museums, bars and restaurants. A populair touristic attraction is Madame Tussaud's where you can find a collection famous persons in the form of life-like dolls made out of wax. Very impressive is The house of Anne Frank.  Where the girl Anne Frank lived during the war. Anne Frank's diary is known worldwide. In Amsterdam you will also find the Van Gogh museum wich owns the largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh. There are also works of other artists being displayed at the museum. At the Rijksmuseum you will find paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt and Frans Hals.
Sprookjesbos Efteling (Fairytale Forest)
The famous paintint "De Nachtwacht" can be seen here.

Other cities that are worth paying a visit:

Rotterdam is very famous for the international harbour.  The Hague is the political capital of our country. The government is seated in this city. You can visit the Binnenhof and the Ridderzaal. The Binnenhof is free accessible, but to see the Ridderzaal you will need to go with a guided tour wich are being held from monday trough saturday. In The Hague you will also find Madurodam wich should really not be missed. Madurodam is a themepark where you can find the miniature version of every sight/building/attraction in the Netherlands that is worth mentioning. It's been copied exactly up and to the last detail with even sailing ships and little trains that run over the miniature traintracks.

Vogel Rok Efteling
Everything has been built on a scale of 1:25. Things you will find here are Schiphol airport, the famous cheesemarket of Alkmaar and the canals of Amsterdam. The miniature city has its own council wich is composed of students from schools in and around The Hague. There are 22 students in the council. There is one mayor who is always a 16 or 17 year old student. The first mayor of Madurodam was Princess Beatrix who is now our Queen.

Other nice cities: Breda, Nijmegen the oldest city in the Netherlands. Let me know when you will visit Nijmegen, I live there. Utrecht is also very much known by tourists. I personally also like Den Bosch. Groningen is nice and also Maastricht is very nice.

Efteling Hotel

Sights Some sights/attractions in my country you could visit: (there are a million but I've choosen some main ones)

De Efteling is the most populair themepark of our country. The themepark has a lot of different rides wich are all based on/connected to fairytales and old legends. (Like the stories by Hans Christiaan Andersen for example or the story of the Flying Dutchman.). The Efteling is located in Kaatsheuvel and it also has a Golfpark and the very nice and luxurious Efteling hotel. 

De Keukenhof When you visit our country in spring you should stop by the Keukenhof in Lisse. There you will find beautifull gardens filled with every colour of tulips imaginable. Its openend from March 'till May because that's the time when the bulbs bloom.

This one is for my TB Spencer!! ..Shmoke and a Pancake.. ?!

Deltawerken Neeltje Jans In Vrouwenpolder you will find the Deltaworks. Our country is below sea-level wich became a treath to the country. After the flood of 1953 (nearly 2000 people died and more than 150.000 hectares of land were flooded) the Dutch decided that something had to be done to protect the country from the water. That is why the Dutch are known for their skills in watermanagement. The plans for the Deltaworks were born. Some of them can be visited. Here u can see all kinds of dams and different types of sluices. The Deltaworks have improved the safety for the inhabitants, have improved the mobility between different parts of the country, have had a positive influence on tourism and recreation in the area so the Deltaworks are very important.

The Zaanse Schans is a small town with green wooden houses, charming gardens, small hump-backed bridges, tradesmen's workshops, historic windmills and little shops.

Ben & Jerry's Amsterdam (It's Chunky Monkey)
This little town gives an excellent impression of how a typical Zaanse village must have looked like in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Apart from the cluster of windmills and houses there are also museums, restaurants and a visitors' centre to be found as well as the possibility of taking a boat trip on the river. I was there with school once when I studied Tourism.

More tips about nice places to go to and to see in my country (Like attractions, sights and restaurants etc) can be found in my reviews!

See you in the Netherlands!





mkpkenya says:
Hey,... I am in Amsterdam ... Came for a conference... Finished it and now my flight is on Saturday evening..... Can we just go out for a walk or a boat ride ?
Posted on: Nov 23, 2012
jessee2000 says:
Wow.Make me excited now.
What is your plans for me,if i stay overnight for 2 days or you think stopover for 8 hours is good enough for me? Will you be my guide ? :)
Posted on: Apr 06, 2012
klaartje1968 says:
Utrecht! I definitely miss Utrecht met z'n kanalen en that beautiful Dom-tower, de grachten en de werfkelders met superterassen aan het water en restaurants van all over the world. :-)
Posted on: Jun 22, 2009
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Map of the Netherlands - the diffe…
Map of the Netherlands - the diff…
Entrance Efteling
Entrance Efteling
Sprookjesbos Efteling (Fairytale F…
Sprookjesbos Efteling (Fairytale …
Vogel Rok Efteling
Vogel Rok Efteling
Efteling Hotel
Efteling Hotel
This one is for my TB Spencer!! ..…
This one is for my TB Spencer!! .…
Ben & Jerrys Amsterdam (Its Chun…
Ben & Jerry's Amsterdam (It's Chu…
The pancake I ate at 10 - Oct - 20…
The pancake I ate at 10 - Oct - 2…
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