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Saturday was very boring. We just drove to Baños (we got to see the ash spew out of Tungurahua on the way), had lunch in the charming central square complete with hummingbirds and nice cafes, visited the sulphurous hot baths, and then went on an ultra-crummy “Poppa Luchos” trip to the mountain tops in party trucks. So instead, here is something on Ecuador’s history.


The first permanent settlements in Ecaudor began around 4000 BCE from tribes that migrated from Brazil to the coast of Ecuador. They stayed as small communtieis until ~600 BCE when they started to have trade and rulers. Around 800 CE they stated to form nations, Quito-Caras in the north and Cañari in the south. Around 1500 CE the Incas moved north and Tupac Yupanqui fought both Quito-Caras and the Cañari. His son, Huayna Capac, was born in Ecuador and had two sons, Atahualpa, raised in Quito, and Huascar, raised in Cuzco. When he died in 1526 he divided his empire between his two sons, which lead to civil war. After years of war Atahualpa won, but the country was still very weak when Pizarro arrived in 1532.


Pizarro defeated the Inca due to their weakened state and his horses, armour, cannon, germs and treachery. He executed Atahualpa during peace negotiations on August 29th 1533, on the grounds that as since Atahualpa was a pagan, Pizarro was not bound to follow the laws of the peace negotiations. From 1533 to 1820 Ecuador was ruled by the Spanish until Bolivar started the war for independence and Sucre achieved a decisive victory over the Spanish on May 24th 1822.


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photo by: Adrian_Liston